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4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Painter in Atlanta

Interior and exterior painting can seem like an easy undertaking for a typical DIYer. It’s among the most inexpensive and simplest forms of home makeover tactics there are. Knowing this, it might be entirely tempting to paint without any professional help. The fact remains, however, that it’s not as easy as it seems.

Around 66% of homeowners in 2019 regretted their DIY project. Interior and exterior painting was the most popular attempted experiment, and most of these projects were said to have been harder and took more of their time than expected. Some DIYers even reported causing damage to their homes or harm to themselves during the process.

Painting an entire exterior of a home takes more effort and patience than painting, say, a corner of a room or a few accent walls. There are many factors to consider, like how to prepare, what kind and how much paint to buy, and what sorts of tools are necessary. 

This is where a painting contractor comes in. When a person wants to contribute to elevating the look of their home in the Atlanta area, professional painting services step in. 

To prevent complications and ensure a seamless painting job, professional painters in Atlanta can get the job done. Here’s how:

The Preparation

Many mistakes are made before the painting can even take place. Preparation is key to ensuring there is a clean slate to work with. Being prepared before painting also solidifies the cleanliness of the rest of the workspace. 

Imperfection Inspection

Preparation is the first basic step to a successful paint job. Professional painters in Atlanta will inspect the area first for any flaws, like holes, dirt, dust, or cracks. A DIYer would skip this step and get right into painting, which can cause issues later. With professionals, these holes will be filled, cleaned, sanded, or further corrected to ensure the workspace is free from imperfections.

 Imperfection Prevention

A painter will gather all the necessary supplies for the task and set them up according to their workflow. This includes drip cloths to prevent getting paint on anything other than the area that needs paint. A common mistake with non-professionals is the accidental paint splatter seen on floors, shelves, or furniture. 

A part of the preparation also includes using a primer in some cases. When covering a bright or obvious color, a primer may be needed to help the primary color cover whatever was there previously. Rest assured, a painting contractor in Atlanta won’t miss this step. 

The Paint

It’s harder than expected to get the right amount of paint for a job. A room full of paint is one thing, but consideration needs to be given to extra coats of paint and larger areas. Not only will a professional painting service know how many quarts or gallons are needed for the desired area, but they will provide a homeowner with the highest quality of paints on the market.  

Furthermore, how can a person be so sure about what kind of paint to get? Many locations call for a certain type of finish. For example, semi-gloss paint reflects light and is more commonly used on trims and bathrooms since it can be wiped clean without it coming off. Without a professional painter, someone might make the mistake of enlisting flat paint in these areas, which is much harder to get clean because it holds on to dirt and dust. 

Professional painters are color specialists – it’s what they do! They know what does and doesn’t mesh, and what colors (and brands) of paint take the longest to dry. Professional painting services in Buckhead and surrounding regions will help clients make their decision by presenting an array of choices. 

The Tools

An artist is nothing without their tools. In Atlanta or the Buckhead area, a painting contractor will use only trusted, top-of-the-line equipment. In the same way that a chef requires the finest cutlery, a painter needs the best tools to get the job done right. 

A professional will use real painter’s tape to get the cleanest lines. They may use sticky drip cloths that won’t fold or shift, high-capacity rollers that cover more area, and many more supplies that help perfect the paint application. 

Many professionals possess their own tools, so a client doesn’t have to purchase anything other than the service. Painters are extremely knowledgeable about their tools and what makes for a high-quality device. Most of the time, professional painters receive discounts on their tools and paints, ultimately saving their customers money. 

The Technique

A successful paint job is all in the technique. In the excitement and rush of painting without a professional, people commonly overload their brushes or rollers with paint. Gravity doesn’t stop for anyone; too much paint will cause unsightly dripping, among other things. 

Speaking of being impatient, lots of people will expect the paint to be dry in minutes. A professional painter in Atlanta knows how long to wait before applying more coats of paint. They understand that patience is key, and that applying an extra coat of paint too soon will cause ugly spots where the paint will peel in the future. These professionals focus on the longevity of the paint job and know what techniques are best for making paint last on the exterior of a home just as much as the interior. 

So Many Benefits from Professional Painting Contractors in Atlanta

With the community in mind, it’s imperative that a home remodel in Atlanta or the Buckhead area is performed by professional painting services. A homeowner or business will never have to regret their DIY job again. They can hire a professional painter and save themselves time, money, and embarrassment from a job that could have been flawlessly executed.

The best local service will understand the importance of charging by the job – not the hour. They will be licensed, insured, and entirely focused on providing the community with beautiful and immaculate painting services.  

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