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Whether you hate to love them, love to hate them, or just plain can't get enough, get into these popular Netflix movies of 2022!

The Most Popular Netflix Movies of 2022

As 2022 comes to the end, Netflix makes its final steps in providing some of the most popular and demanded movies to its audience. Although movies from Netflix have touched people’s hearts in 2022, many movie specialists have separated their favorites into a short list. Maybe you want to try yourself as an expert and write your own movie list? If yes, you can check discount coupons for a cinema-related course on the Promocodius site to save money and gain new skills.

Although most of the popular movies made by Netflix include professional casts, many people want to see new faces. That is why the interest in theater and cinema grows every year. There are even online classes on various platforms, such as coupon Skillshare that can provide courses on acting and various nuances of the profession.

No doubt, 2022 has already shown a lot of masterpieces, and many cinephiles are already waiting for the new premieres of 2023. However, it couldn’t have been a review of the most demanded and interesting movies that Netflix has released this year. So, below is the list of the top three movies that were trending this year.

popular netflix movies

Purple Hearts

A beautiful story about two young individuals who fall in love unintentionally thanks to the deal they make days after meeting each other. The young lady who is a local musician tries to deal with her health struggles, while the Marine military has issues that he has to solve before leaving for his deployment. The story of these two people was loved by millions of viewers and many of them look forward to watching the second part of the movie. However, there have not been any official announcements about the second part.

popular netflix movies

365 Days: This Day

Yes, the second part of the popular 365 Days movie is out. This is the second movie of the trilogy, which is about Laura and Massimo, who are madly in love with each other, yet they face many obstacles together. Despite being in the Sicilian mafia, Massimo always tries to protect Laura and provide all the best to her.

The plot has a lot of interesting twists and turns, which lead to the ending, promising to come back with the last part of the movie. Many fans of the movie are waiting for the third part to see how the fortune of the couple will end. Although there are no official announcements of the shootings of the third part as of now, the author of the trilogy novel has confirmed the last part.

popular netflix movies


And finally, the most anticipated movie of 2022, which is about the fame of the most popular woman of the 50s, Marylin Monroe. The cast of the film is spectacular, having Ana de Armas as Marylin, and many other popular actors, including Adrian Bordy, Sara Praxton, and many more. There was a lot of critique about the film which makes it even more interesting to watch. And even though many film critics have left negative reviews, the movie has become very popular among the audience and is still very interesting for many people.

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