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Speculation surrounding who will be the next James Bond continues to be rife! Who will the next 007 be? Let's find out.

The Future of 007: Meet the Top Contenders for the Next James Bond

Speculation surrounding who will be the next James Bond continues to be rife! It is widely known that Daniel Craig will no longer be playing the role of 007, but who his successor will be continues to remain up in the air.

The current actor playing the iconic secret agent revealed that the 2021 film “No Time To Die” would be his last some time ago. He had his reasons for his exit, including the fact that he had felt it was the right time to bow out.

Since then, there have been a plethora of different names to have been listed as potential candidates. Some have been vocal on being named the new man to take on the role, as they have either stated that they would welcome the opportunity or they were distancing themselves and stated that it was not for them. Some simply refuse to comment on whether they are a candidate or not.

Nonetheless, that has not stopped the discussions around who it could be next, with new names continuing to enter the ring as the speculation continues to heat up about the next 007.

Which actors are among the lead contenders to become the next James Bond?

While we all may have our preferences about who we want to see take on the iconic role, it does appear that there are a few names that are in the running that could potentially become the next secret agent and work with MI6.

Among the names to have emerged as a front-runner in the race is Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Perhaps best known for his film credits in the Kick-Ass movies as the titular character and as Pietro Maximoff in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, the 33-year-old is currently the favorite to don the classic tuxedo and use each of the iconic 007 gadgets that are made available, with some new and some old likely to be to hand.

The bookmakers at Unibet Sportsbook are already offering odds on him to become the next Bond, as he is priced at +175 and leads a list of exceptionally talented actors all linked with the role. However, he has admitted in the past that being the spy agent would not be his personal favorite. Then again, he does continue to fuel rumors by not denying he is in the race, either.

Henry Cavill is another man who has been suggested to be Taylor-Johnson’s rival to land Bond, with the former The Witcher and Superman star being heavily linked with the role. Valued at +300, he was among the leading candidates to replace Pierce Brosnan but lost out to Craig because of concerns about his age. Cavill has shown that he can do an excellent job in the portrayal of a spy, having had numerous roles in the past that has seen him do well.

His odds of +300 are currently tied with Damson Idris, who has seen his stock rocket because of the TV series Snowfall and his co-lead role on Netflix’s Outside the Wire film. With talk about making changes the Bond franchise and making it more diverse and inclusive, he would become the first black actor to take on the lead role, which would ultimately change the course of history. With so much potential and possibility for the movie directors to think about, there is every chance that he could be chosen.

James Norton (+500) is a main contender but can be seen as an outsider from the three mentioned, but can still be considered. He has risen to stardom in British TV, with main roles in Happy Valley, Grantchester, and McMafia all helping him to carve a solid reputation for himself as a top actor. Whether he will be in the running as the next 007 remains to be seen.

Who is most likely to be the next 007?

At this moment, it truly is anybody’s guess as to who the next James Bond will be. There are numerous individuals to have been considered and discussed as potential 007 candidates, with many either teasing, distancing, or keeping quiet about the possibility of it being them.

Taylor-Johnson does appear to be the favorite at the moment as he continues to stoke the flames about the role, although it would not be a shock if we were to see Cavill finally get his chance to take the role almost two decades after he initially applied and was down to the final few.

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