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YOU is one of the most popular shows on Netflix, and it's third season is going to be the best yet. Find out everything we know about season 3 right here.

YOU: Everything We Know About Season From the Trailer

“To fix something, you must first realize that no matter how destroyed it seems, it can be saved.”

This is a quotation from the popular Netflix series You. The protagonist, Joe Golberg,  is obsessive and dangerous. The next season will be released on the 15th of October, 2021. In this third season, the protagonist will be striving to cope with numerous changes in his life. The most notable change we will be seeing him cope with is fatherhood.

We will be seeing many new faces in the season. The end of season two was full of deaths; so there is a fine chance that we might see incidents related to that. Also, the end of season two was full of serious issues about love and relationships.

Hollywood reporter

According to tv news and the Hollywood Reporter, the new season will have some new faces. We will be seeing Michaela McManusas Natalie. Tati Gabrielle from “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” will be playing the role of Marianne, who is an observant librarian.

We will also see Dylan Arnold as Theo, Chris O’Shea as Andrew, and Bryan Safi as Jackson. Apart from them, we will also be seeing Shannon Chan-Kent, Christopher Sean, Mackenzie Astin, Ayelet Zurer, Scott Speedman, and Scott Michael Foster, and many more. The last season ends with a deadly scenario.

Complex plot this season

We find plenty of deaths and complex twists and turns in relationships and love. Based on the incidents of the last season, there are some scenarios we are likely to find in season three.

After Forty trips out on acid, we see Joe unable to remember how everything happened. In season three, we will be seeing that someone close to Joe turns out to be the murderer as well as a repeat offender.

We are likely to see Joe preparing himself for his role as a father. Based on the last season’s end, we might see him participate in the killing. However, we will see his concept of an ideal lifestyle disturbed by a strange neighbor.

Her name is Natalie, and we’ll see her reading classic novels in her backyard. As for how she will affect Joe’s life, we will have to see the episodes to know.

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TV news

Based on the information in the deadline and tv news, the new season will be arriving with ten additional episodes. Viewers will be seeing Joe and Love married to each other and raising their baby.

They move to the balmy Northern California enclave of Madre Linda. There, they find a neighborhood that has privileged tech entrepreneurs, judgmental mothers who are bloggers, and Instagram-famous biohackers.

Even though Joe appears highly dedicated to his role as a father, he is afraid of how love will affect him. He is afraid of how the impulsiveness of love will influence the course of his life. There is a fine chance that we might see him find true love next door.

The next-door neighbor

According to the last two seasons, he did not have a good run with love. However, this time, he might find it hard to escape the scene of a perfect marriage.

Maybe he will fall in love with his mysterious neighbor Natalie, or maybe with someone else in his neighborhood. We will have to watch the episodes to find out.

As previously stated we will see new cast members playing many significant roles. We will find Chen Kent playing the role of Kiki.

We will find the character Kiki to be a mother and life coach. She finds joy in a life of entitlement, maintaining her fitness and gossiping with her friends.

We will find Mehl playing the role of Dante, a librarian who is highly witty and likes to maintain his equanimity no matter what. Dante is a veteran with a damaged eye. He is a dedicated family man who desires to expand his family and loves to help his friends with their children.

Also, we will find Shawn playing the role of Brandon, Kiki’s husband. Brandon is a rich tech investor and a stay-at-home dad.

Breaking news

The trailer has some mind-blowing surprises. One of the trailers gives off both a peaceful as well as deadly concept.

Joe does not only take the role of a father, but he also takes the role of a killer. We might find traces about Ellie’s actual whereabouts.

We will see that Joe keeps sending her money, but that won’t happen forever. Based on seasons one and two, we can predict that Ellie might be the one to bring Joe down; for Joe seems to be incapable of hurting a child.

The actual killer

Also, as stated before, we will come to know the actual killer and repeated offender. There is a chance that we might see many bloody and violent confrontations between the culprit and Joe.

Apart from that, we might also see a strategic scheme by Elie. Since she is quite likely to bring him down, an indirect war will likely lead to another confrontation.

Another notable detail is about Natalie. We will find that her character description will tell us that she is married to a powerful man and that she is socially and professionally successful.

She can see through the shallowness of people. Also, she leads a secret life, one that Joe is working hard to unveil.



The series belongs to the genre of thriller. The end of season two was marked with plenty of death. We also found many love and relationship complications. The trailer gives us how the protagonist’s new roles will be like. We also get a few ideas of the obstacles that might arise. Also, we get a glimpse of many new faces.

The new season brings forth many new twists and stories. New characters don’t just show up but play significant roles in the development of the plot. Mysteries of the past two seasons are likely to reveal themselves. Also, both strategic and direct clashes are likely to take place. We may also see the blossoming of new romantic relationships and a change in character. Overall, the new season will be worth seeing.

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