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Learn more about how the 'Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth to Power' documentary took home such a prestigious award during Black History Month.

‘Speaking Truth to Power’ wins NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Documentary!

On behalf of the whole team that worked on Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth to Power, we are so honored to have received the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Documentary!! 

Thanks to Barbara Lee for sharing her inspirational story and for speaking truth to power every day!! “We are honored to have won the NAACP Image Awards for Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth to Power for Outstanding Documentary.  

This is a fantastic win for our cast which includes Rep. Barbara Lee, Senator Cory Booker, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Gwen Moore, former Rep John Lewis; Danny Glover; Alice Walker, and Van Jones.

speaking truth to power

Our female-helmed crew, which includes Director/Producer Abby Ginzberg, Consulting Producer, Shola Lynch, Impact Producer Joslyn Rose Lyons, Editor, Stephanie Mechura, is grateful for the award and for the NAACP’s recognition of the importance of speaking truth to power.” – Abby Ginzberg, Director/Producer

We are delighted to partner with STARZ on this premiere and the Transparency Talk which was scheduled in conjunction with the premiere.  

As Barbara Lee says in the film, “This is a truth-telling moment in America” and we need to amplify her voice and those of her colleagues in the film, to help save our democracy at this critical time. 

speaking truth to power

Barbara’s career has been based on empathy, calling out the needs of those most often forgotten in the halls of Congress. By sharing her story with a wider audience, we hope to strengthen the bonds which connect us as citizens of the world.

#TakeTheLead | 

Transparency Talks: Legacy of Dr. MLK Jr. and the Impact on Storytelling |

speaking truth to power

STARZ  NAACP President Derrick Johnson and highest-ranking African American Congresswoman Barbara Lee join influential voices to discuss the importance of speaking powerful truth based on principles and examples paved by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and how narratives within the media have an impact on society. Watch on Youtube here!

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