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Are you looking for great movies about students? Dive into this list of the most inspiring stories about young people learning and growing!

Movies About Students

A student is a learner who attends a school and is devoted to learning and acquiring knowledge from published books or professional teachers. Students can comprise adults, children, or teenagers who study in higher learning institutions, like college, university, and high school. 

Student life is always quite exciting and challenging. There are many movies which have been produced about students. In particular, movies such as 21, 42, Forrest Gump, and The Theory of Everything depict different aspects of student life. And to free up time for a movie night, entrust the preparation of your essay or another assignment to wr1ter


21 is a film that presents the story of Ben Campbell, a mathematics major student at the Prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The central theme of the film is the struggles of disadvantaged students. The protagonist struggled to complete his education at the institute. 

That happened because he was a poor student who came from a humble background. Ben features in the film as a bright student. Since the protagonist could not afford to pay a tuition fee of $300,000, he had to seek a scholarship, which he ended up not getting after a long struggle.


42 is a film that uses Jackie Robinson, as the protagonist, to present a story that revolves around the theme of the success of Black students in co-curricular activities. Unlike the privileged whites, African Americans were seriously disadvantaged. Yet, despite his Black race, the protagonist managed to excel in baseball. 

To the astonishment of everyone, the protagonist managed to maneuver his ways until he joined the prestigious Major League Baseball (MLB). It was pretty surprising because the league had been a reserve of the white baseball players. 

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a drama film that tells the story of an ordinary man. One of the main themes of the film is the struggles of students against societal stereotypes. Gump, the protagonist, lived in a society that gave labels to everyone. 

For example, children who had a low rate of Intelligent Quotient (IQ) would not excel in academics whatsoever. However, Gump disapproved of that notion and ended up surprising that everyone not only can succeed in academics and business but also win honors. 

The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything, directed in 2014, is a drama film. It dramatizes the biography of Stephen Hawking, who managed to excel in academics despite his neuron-motor condition. 

The medic had predicted that the protagonist would not live for more than two years during his diagnosis. However, this prediction never came to be because he lived for a long time and emerged as the greatest physicist and cosmologist of all time. 


In conclusion, films such as 21, 42, Forrest Gump, and The Theory of Everything capture different aspects of student life. The experiences of Ben and Robinson demonstrate that students often find it quite challenging to live a quality life. 

Ben had to struggle so much to win a scholarship that would complete his college education at MIT. Moreover, Robinson, Gump, and Hawking beat all the odds to succeed. In turn, Robinson joined the MLB to the amazement of many people who expected him not to join the league just because of his Black complexion.  

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