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All over the world, watching a great film is a fantastic way to step into the shoes of another person. Here are true stories behind gambling movies.

True Stories behind Gambling Movies

All over the world, watching a great film is a fantastic way to step into the shoes of another person for a while and experience life through characters on a screen. Interestingly, although movies are seen as a form of escapism, many people enjoy movies that are based on true events as it adds a layer of authenticity and reality to the film. This trend is no different when it comes to gambling films as cinema fans are keen to see the true stories that are behind specific gambling movies. 

Firstly, it is important to note that gambling movies based on true stories often gain more publicity due to the source material associated with them. In many ways, the audience can resonate with the story played out on screen if they know it has happened in real life. For example, if movie fans catch a glimpse of famous actors playing a gambling game on screen, it may remind them of a time when they learned omaha poker rules for a real life game of poker. Furthermore, if they know that the actor on screen is representing a real person in real life, they are more likely to relate to the character and the activities that they do.

Molly’s Game

One movie that is based on the true story of a real life person, Molly Bloom, is Molly’s Game released in 2017. It stars Jessica Chastain who plays Molly Bloom, a former professional skier who turns to running high-stakes poker games after she is injured. Full of excitement, this movie was adapted from the memoir that was written by Molly herself. It has also been credited for being incredibly faithful to the real life story as everything shown on screen up until the point Molly moves to LA is nearly identical to the original story. Fans of them movies will be able to trace many events and themes back to the memoir such as her fathers controlling nature, her involvement in skiing activities and her career as a waitress. In fact, in this film it is clear to see that a huge effort is made with regards to its attention to detail. For example, Jessica Chastain is styled to visually replicated the real life Molly with her hair, clothes and makeup strikingly reminding the audience of the authentic poker player.


Furthermore, 21 is another film that revolves around themes of gambling. Released in 2008, this movie is based on the true story of a group of MIT students who were recruited by a professor to use their skills in mathematics to count cards and beat the casinos at blackjack. This movie is extremely successful in capturing the attention of movie fans as it takes them on a journey as the main characters learn how to play the casino game properly, taking them to distinguished casinos in Las Vegas. Starring famous faces such as Jim Strugess, Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth, the film is partially based on a true story as it showcases the success of real life blackjack player Jeff Ma and his associates. While elements such as additional characters, exciting dialogue and dramatic cinematography are added into the narrative, it still retains the basis of the real story which resonates with the audience.


In addition, while many casino and movie fans have seen the famous film Casino, many do not know that it is also based on real life events. This classic gambling film stars the likes of Robert De Niro who acts as a casino owner and expert gambler in Las Vegas. Casino follows the story of Ace as he rises to become among the top bosses in the gambling world. The film achieves success in accurately depicting the darker themes of the real-life casino scene as the main character seems to be on an unrelenting mission for power. Directed by Martin Scorsese, the film generated impressive numbers in the box office as it drew heavy inspiration from the real life of Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal who controlled the Fremont, Hacienda, and Stardust casinos in Las Vegas in the 1970s and 1980s. While the dialogue is not completely accurate to what was said at the time, throughout the film many real life events are referenced.

Ultimately, in a sea of outstanding gambling movies, there are a huge portion of them that are worth watching because they are based on real life events instead of being purely fiction. From Mollys Game and 21 to Casino, there is no better way to make an action packed casino film than drawing inspiration from events that have happened in real life. As gambling remains to be an exciting and captivating topic for many movies, there is the potential for more films to be produced in the future as many stories still have to be told.

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