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Here is a list of great medical shows to watch on the internet. The list has been compiled based on reviews, ratings, and personal preferences.

Top Medical Shows to Watch on the Internet

Doing MBBS is one thing – it helps you become a qualified doctor and with years of practice, the text you have learned can be put into action for the good. However, these days several high-grossing medical shows exist on the internet, which cannot only help provide knowledge to med students but can also get their creative juices flowing. According to a survey conducted by the US research team, Netflix, and other streaming websites when showcasing medical documentaries and shows, the millennial generation shifts towards ‘wanting to become a healthcare practitioner.’ Even if you’re not a student of medicine and do not like the field, these shows are still a delight to watch because other than learning medical terms, the various types of diseases, the shows have well-thought plotlines and themes which keep the viewers immersed.

Here is a list of great medical shows to watch on the internet. The list has been compiled based on reviews, ratings, and personal preferences:

Top Medical Shows to Watch on the Internet

The Good Doctor

Charlie, our favorite child from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is all grown up and is playing the part of Shaun, an autistic physician in this show. The story revolves around him solving or playing a part in treating the day-to-day cases in the hospital. Even though because of his autism, he does not know how to be emotional and deal well with patients, he is the most qualified doctor out there because of his remarkable ability to recall things and skills that allow him to view the world and body from a different perspective. 

Our Rating: 9/10 

House M.D

With a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 88, and available to stream on Amazon Prime, House revolves around the story of a doctor named House with a leg injury and a brilliant mind that helps him crack the strangest of cases and pinpoint things that no other peer of his can. With the help of his team, he performs wonders and the best part is that he never gives up, despite having to walk around the hospital with a cane. 

Our Rating: 10/10

Grey’s Anatomy

Perhaps the most famous and widely watched doctor show out there, Grey’s Anatomy has been running since 2009 and has stolen the hearts of many. Other than its medical genre and highlighting the life of doctors within the hospital premises, it also shows their life out of it – who they are when they are not treating patients. From love, friendship, hardship, and heartbreak, the show is full of emotions – both of the patients and the doctors. 

Our Rating: 10/10


A relatively older medical show that ran from 2001-2010 is loved due to its humor and light-heartedness despite belonging to the medical genre. It is available to watch on Hulu and narrates the story of a group of friends overcoming barriers through humor and accepting life as it is. If you are into comedy and cannot handle the deaths and sadness that come with medical shows, this should be on your list!

Our Rating: 8.5/10

Top Internet Providers for Online Streaming

Now that we have enlightened you about the best medical shows on the internet, it is time to discuss the top internet-providing companies that allow seamless connectivity to the web so that you can enjoy the aforementioned shows without any interruption. 

  • Charter Spectrum

Spectrum is one of the largest internet providing companies in the US serving millions of customers in 44 states. The key feature that separates Spectrum from other internet providers is its easy-to-understand pricing system. The provider charges the same price for similar plans throughout the nation. In addition to this, all Spectrum Internet plans come with unlimited internet data so you can stream as much content as you like. Furthermore, you do not have to sign any contract agreements to get Spectrum’s amazing services.

  • Comcast Xfinity

Xfinity is also a major internet service provider in the nation with wide coverage across 40 states including California, New York, and Texas. Xfinity delivers the fastest internet speeds in the country using its Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Network, which transmits internet data via fiber-optic lines and automatically switches over to cable wires where fiber internet is not available. So, if you are planning to stream your favorite shows online without any obstacles, then Xfinity is the one to choose.

  • AT&T Internet

AT&T is available across 21 states with the broadest coverage in Florida, Texas, and California. The company is easily accessible by 123 million people in the US, which makes it the second-largest IPBB provider in the country. AT&T offers exceptional internet speeds of up to 940 Mbps with its fiber-optic internet. However, AT&T’s fiber internet is not available everywhere, therefore, check the availability of each provider in your area before comparing their plans.

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