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Lili Huang: Breaking Barriers as an International Female Filmmaker

In a world where representation is more crucial than ever, Lili Huang is on a mission to break barriers as an award-winning Chinese screenwriter, producer, and director in the American film industry. With her thought-provoking projects and exceptional creative vision, she is making waves and setting new standards for international filmmakers.

Born and raised in China, Lili‘s passion for storytelling led her to pursue a diverse educational background, studying at prestigious institutions, including Shanghai Theatre Academy, the New York Film Academy, and KEDGE Business School. As an accomplished filmmaker, Lili’s short films, such as Mei Mei, The Coin, The Flower of the Future, and the documentary Xi Xi, have garnered significant accolades at film festivals around the globe. These honors include Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Documentary Director (nominee), and selection for the Oscar Grand Award for Short Film.

Lili’s extensive experience in both commercial and independent film productions in China and the United States has afforded her the opportunity to work on notable projects with esteemed collaborators. One such project is the animated feature film Sang Sang, developed by Shanghai Animation Film Studios and adapted from the book The Girl from French Fort. This experience inspired Lili to dedicate herself fully to her craft, focusing on screenwriting, directing, and producing to achieve her long-term dreams in filmmaking.

One notable project for Lili was The Jade Pendant, where she got the opportunity to work closely with one of the most successful independent film producers in the US, Scott Rosenfeld. Of Lili, Rosenfeld noted, “Lili made a great impression on me while we worked together on The Jade Pendant. She had strong communication skills, and her command of English and Mandarin was a big help to the project and my work. She is one of the best Chinese filmmakers I have worked with—a rare and talented filmmaker with the skills to understand films, culture, and communication.”

Lili and Rosenfeld have continued to work together on her upcoming projects, including the documentary Maverick Women (You&Me), for which he has confirmed joining as an executive producer or co-producer. Maverick Women offers a uniquely female perspective on single mothers by choice living in various countries around the world. The documentary delves into the lives of these women who choose to have children through IVF technology, breaking down societal norms and stereotypes surrounding family structures.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on global industries, Lili has remained steadfast in her pursuit of creative excellence. With travel restrictions and the pandemic’s influence on production processes, Lili has channeled her energy into crafting captivating stories that bring her peace, happiness, and a sense of accomplishment.

Lili’s wisdom for others is to “keep working hard, choose the right direction and timing, hold on to your dreams, and remain resilient.” With her dedication to storytelling and producing high-quality work, she aspires to make a meaningful impact in the film industry as a successful and notable screenwriter, producer, and director.

In addition to her documentary Maverick Women, Lili has established a company called T&T Media and is actively developing several projects as a producer and writer. Her goal is to increase viewership, capture the attention of potential supporters, financiers, and audiences, and make her mark in the American film industry.

Lili Huang is forging a unique path in the world of filmmaking as an international female filmmaker and giving a voice to underrepresented stories. Her tenacity, diverse skill set, and relentless pursuit of excellence are not only paving the way for other aspiring filmmakers but also making a significant difference in the industry. Lili’s work encourages viewers to challenge societal norms and embrace new perspectives, ultimately enriching the cinematic landscape with her thought-provoking and inspirational projects.

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