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Everybody wants a lightsaber. Here are some features to look out for when you decide to buy a lightsaber replica.

5 features to look for in a lightsaber replica

Lightsabers have become one of the most sought-after toys adapted from the popular film Star Wars. Fortunately, this fictional energy sword has been replicated by many companies, and a market has grown out of this discovery. 

Indeed, the lightsaber is a popular prop from the worldwide hit film series, currently among the highest-grossing film franchises in the world. Therefore, they have numerous viewers all yearning to get their hands on one kind of this famous Jedi lightsaber. Due to the large number of viewers, some people look for ways to exploit eager supporters by creating flawed lightsaber replicas and labeling them as iconic.

Noteworthy Lightsaber Replica Features

Try not to let your Jedi excitement get the best of you when buying lightsabers. The online world is still full of con artists. Thus, be in the know and prepare yourself before purchasing. 

These are some features one should look for and assess when analyzing a lightsaber replica.

  • A Removable Blade

The blade is the luminescent part of a lightsaber replica that features magnetically-contained plasma. When it comes to blades, a removable kind is ideal. A removable blade allows for easy storage and usually lasts longer. A blade plug would be ideal to get as well to be installed in the lightsaber hilt in place of a blade. Such plugs work hand in hand with removable blades. 

Removeable blades with a foam and LED strip are also recommended. One should also assess the type of blade tip to choose. From the three types—the round tip, the bullet tip, and the parabolic tip—the round tip is the most commonly used because it’s not pointy, thus the safest. However, people say the steep bullet tip ignites a more ‘universal’ feel, despite the fact that it’s more unsafe.

  • An Authentic Metal Hilt

The hilt is one essential feature of a lightsaber replica. One should look at obtaining an authentic metal hilt because there are metals that are lightweight but remain strong enough for some friendly dueling. Sellers like Galaxy Sabers and other suppliers have quality aluminum replicas with a range of designs. Some steel alloys are also recommended. 

Most of the lightsaber replica’s electronics are securely mounted in the interior chassis of the hilt. Therefore, one would be able to create their own hilt design based on different elements’ effects, or they would just buy a lightsaber with a put-together setup.

  • Smooth Wing

A smooth swing is always a satisfying feature in a lightsaber replica. It’s an algorithm on a soundboard that allows for the most realistic swing sounds. The volume and pitch are altered based on the speed and motion of the replica. Smooth swings allow for sound effects to be heard and interpreted clearly. An enhanced relative smooth swing also allows for flash-on clash features and color changes to be experienced fully. A soundless swing is ideal.

  • Sounds and Effects

Sound effects make one’s experience using a lightsaber replica so much more exciting and fictional. One should look for authentic sound effects, particularly on contact. Some examples of these would be the flash-on clash, lockup, mute, and blaster mode. Lightsaber replicas with a Bluetooth feature are also great and allow one to connect to online academies for fun training experiences. 

Look for soundboards that preferably have nine or more sound fonts. Having more sound fonts allows for a variety of experiences and sound settings that can put you in different fictional realms. Sound effects in motion can also be an exhilarating feature because one may have wind or thunder sounds, and this would enhance the idea of an unearthly experience in an earthly place. 

  • Color Changes

Some other effects to look out for are color changes, whether they have automatic or manual changes. Lightsaber replicas that change manually would allow one to set the mood according to either their duel setting or the sound font. Automatic color changes would contribute to the excitement in dueling and would make your setting more animated.

Your Ideal Lightsaber Awaits

Finding a lightsaber replica with the best features and reasonable price is not as daunting when you’re familiar with the features. Good tips like these are only stumbled upon in various forums or channels of the Star Wars fanbase, where they could also recommend further reading about the franchise and its expanded universe. 

Numerous fans who have binge-watched the entire film series and others who have simply engaged in the lightsaber replica fandom have yearned for the ideal lightsaber replica that would create a mirror image of the otherworldly revelation in the films. Knowing these features will help in this ultimate sword search.

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