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It’s tough to find a lesbian movie that accurately portrays a romance and doesn’t wander into the straight-guy-lesbian-fetish-zone

You’re welcome: Here are the very best lesbian movies on Netflix

Looking for lesbian content on Netflix that aren’t horribly offensive, sickeningly cheesy, or just plain bad? It’s a struggle. Netflix isn’t the worst offender when it comes to lousy queer movies, but there certainly are a few duds in their library. 

It’s tough to find a lesbian movie that accurately portrays a romance and doesn’t wander into the straight-guy-lesbian-fetish-zone also. It’s even harder to find queer movies that have well-developed characters and don’t end in utter misery. That’s why when Netflix has a few decent films on offer it’s a time for celebration! Here are the very best lesbian movies on Netflix.


The Feels

The Feels is an improvised comedy that follows the bachelorette weekend celebrating the upcoming marriage between Andi (Constance Wu) & Lu (Angela Trimbur). Things get awkward when Lu admits she’s never had an orgasm, leaving Andi devastated. Over the course of the weekend, Lu & Andi have to redefine their relationship and their individual needs in sex & love.


This documentary tells the heart wrenching story of Tig Notaro, an American comedian, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. The film follows the year after the diagnoses and the stand-out show at club Largo that made Tig go viral. More events complicate Tig’s life as she goes on tour, deals with the passing of her mother, and prepares to have a child with her partner Stephanie.

Blue Is the Warmest Color

It’s the lesbian film that almost needs no introduction, Blue Is the Warmest Color brings a delicate story of sexual awakening to life. The story follows the young Adèle who falls in love with art student, Emma. Adèle & Emma share a passionate romance & some intense sex scenes that makes Blue Is the Warmest Color a must-see film.


Concussion is the story of a housewife Abby (Robin Weigert) who, after receiving an accidental blow to the head from her son’s baseball bat, finds herself unfulfilled by her humdrum life. Abby decides to begin a double life as a high-end escort, and so begins her sexual re-awakening.

A Secret Love

This Netflix documentary tells the story of two women, Pat Herschel and pro baseball player Terry Donahue. The couple keep their relationship a secret from their friends & family for nearly seven decades. A Secret Love follows Pat & Terry’s love story, their coming out, and the struggle to decide whether they want to be officially married.

Loving Annabelle

Loving Annabelle tells a story about the taboo love between a boarding school student, Annabelle (Erin Kelly) & her poetry teacher Simone (Diane Gaidry). Annabelle is a rebellious new student at Simone’s school who wilfully begins showing interest in her beautiful teacher. Simone is then forced to choose between an intense romance or her career.

Yes or No

Yes or No is a Thai lesbian drama about Pie who discovers that her college roommate, Kim likes to dress in masculine clothes. Pie is uncomfortable to find that Kim identifies as gay and attempts to distance herself from Kim. However, once the two girls get to know each other they form a bond that slowly becomes a mutual attraction.

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