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Kimberly Loaiza is beautiful, if you don't follow her on Instagram, why? Here are her best Insta moments of all time.

All of Kimberly Loaiza’s best Instagram moments

If you’re not subscribed to Kimberly Loaiza on YouTube, you’re missing out. The Mexican YouTuber is easily one of the biggest in the country – with over 26 million subscribers. Starting out as a vlogger, Loaiza has quickly become a beauty guru, arguably the biggest beauty influencer & YouTuber in Mexico. 

Just as stylish as her YouTube videos is Kimberly Loaiza’s Instagram page. Even her sponsored posts are top-tier entertainment. Then again, that’s just the life of a beauty guru – always looking fly on social media. Check out some of the best posts from Kimberly Loaiza’s Instagram.

The Addams Family

No surprise, Kimberly Loaiza and her husband JD Pantoja won Instagram Halloween. While The Addams Family is definitely an overdone family costume, the commitment of Kimberly & JD to the entire gothic aesthetic is just amazing. Shot by Italia Padilla, the collaboration between Loaiza, El Super Trucha, Francisco Alvarado, and Katia Vlogs is a Halloween delight.

Plus, Loaiza posted a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot where the amount of joy on set just feels intoxicating. We already wanted to join the Addams family, but this entire shoot just made us want to join Loaiza’s version of the Addams family. 


Everyone and their mother has probably heard of Shein by now. Shein is well known for giving ladies high-budget looks for a low price, but they’re trying to expand their offerings. Lately, Shein has been launching collections inspired or curated by the internet’s favorite influencers.  Kimberly Loaiza is just the newest influencer to become a Shein partner. 

We already knew Kimberly was model material, but her announcement video for the collection just left our jaws on the floor. Plus, the styles she models in the video are absolutely to die for. But we wouldn’t expect anything less from a Kimberly Loaiza-inspired fashion collection. 😉

Electrocuting her husband 

Seriously, Kimberly Loaiza has talent because her sponsored Instagram posts still manage to be amazing. Take, for example, her collaboration with the energy drink Bang. In a video featuring her husband, Loaiza & Pantoja are tasked with flipping a water bottle five times each. Whichever one lands the bottle right side up the most wins.

The loser, however, gets shocked by the winner. Using the power of Bang, Loaiza comes out on top and zaps her husband. Now it makes sense why Pantoja tries to shock Laoiza in his most recent YouTube video (#revenge). 

The inevitable James Charles collab

Let’s be real: everyone in the beauty community may have their opinions on James Charles, but no one can deny his star power. So it’s no surprise Kimberly Loaiza’s fans freaked out when she dropped pics on her Instagram with Charles. As Loaiza promoted their upcoming collaboration on YouTube together, the two posed outside at Charles’ house. 

Mexican Independence Day

You already know Mexican Independence Day is just one big party, and it’s clear by Kimberly Loaiza’s Instagram post commemorating the holiday – she’s ready to party. Between the gorgeous eye makeup, the Mexican flag shawl, or the way she styled her hair, we’re just in love with the entire look. 

Her first Mother’s Day

Unless you actively watch Kimberly Loaiza, you may forget the influencer is also a mother. Her daughter Kima is just over a year old, and honestly is living a better life than all of us. When she was pregnant with her, Loaiza started an Instagram account dedicated to her future child and still posts regularly on that account with photos of Kima.

Kimberly Loaiza has admitted time & time again she’s far from a perfect mom, but appreciates every moment with her daughter. Even in her post on Mother’s Day, she acknowledges she’s doing all she can to help her daughter grow up to be the best she can be. Isn’t that all anyone could ask for in a mom? 

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