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You might have noticed millennials and their interest in Korean dramas for the last few years, but have you ever thought about the reason why?

Why Millennials are Obsessed with Korean Dramas

You might have noticed Millennials’ interest in K-dramas for the last few years, but have you ever thought about the reasons? Well, we are here to bring all those significant reasons that attracted millennials towards Korean content and why they love Korean dramas to the spotlight. The Korean entertainment industry aired many Korean series in the past few years that gained tremendous support and love from millennials.

Have you ever watched a Korean show? In that case, you might have noticed they have incredible content ideas, storylines, and plot twists that easily attract Millennials from western and other Asian countries.
Furthermore, how actors portray their characters and present Korean food and culture is just a cherry on the top. Mostly, K Dramas become popular because of their firm grip over the storyline, romance, fashion, music, and their skills of depicting their culture. 

Not only K Series, though. Korean movies are also winning hearts now. Koreans never fail to leave viewers stunned, making millennials love to experience Korean series and plays, whether it is a love story or a horror movie.

Reasons why millennials love Kdramas:

Data collected from different sources tell us that Korean fans have various reasons to love Korean series. Some people like drama story-wise, some love the work of makeup artists. Some people said that they love the star of the shows and much more.
In the light of all the reviews we got about Korean content, we are here with a fine-tuned list of reasons Korean stories are ruling over other series on different platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Simple Love stories:

One Korean content fan said:

“I love K-Dramas because they offer a refreshing kind of storytelling that I don’t find in common sex-bombarded western plotlines and shows.”

Millennials have come to notice that K-series always depicts a soft image of love and affection. Their episodes are not loaded with hard erotic stories and fantasies far from reality. These plays keep close to reality so that people can relate to them and enjoy them to the fullest. Dramas that won the

crowd and made blockbuster success on-air are The Lonely and Great God, Itaewon class, and The King: Eternal Monarch.
Some other plays like Crash Landing On You, Hospital Playlist, and The Reply Series also made a fantastic impression and gained immense popularity over the internet. People were desperately waiting for the second season of some plays that were the biggest hit in the last few years.

Korean Customs and Culture:

Korean shows also give an incredible boost and rapid growth to the culture, including the Korean language. When aired in other countries, people loved all the details about this new culture not generally seen in Hollywood. A die-hard fan of Korean dramas said:

“They focus mostly on the culture of their country and associate it to their story and enhance it with their imagination.”

From food to religion, Korean series never forgets to play their part in giving hype to their culture and earn acknowledgement through their content. Kim Avenido Amor added that:

“K-Dramas have nice and interesting plots, good pacing, great and catchy soundtracks/musical scoring, and good casting.”


When we are talking about the best things that attract millennials to binge-watch Korean episodes, one of the top reasons is that the storyline is full of suspense and excitement. People find it hard to wait for the next episode. They take advantage of Netflix for binge-watching series in their free time.

Youtube is also another platform where people spend time enjoying Korean series. Many people spend countless hours binge-watching their favorite Korean show, especially with episodes becoming so much more accessible and diverse in options. Different Korean writers have written so many incredible plays, series, and shows about various topics – and famous actors bring life to the roles to make the show worth loving.

Cast and Crew:

Another significant reason people love K content is the handsome guys that make up the Korean Drama industry. Bright and beautiful girls also add more sparkle to the scene with their pretty smiles and shiny eyes. All the cast members develop and show great chemistry on screen that makes the scenes emotional and real.

Some beautiful South Korean actors and actresses like Jun Ji Hyun, Hyun bin, and Lee Min Ho make the Korean wave more popular among other entertainment industries worldwide. A whole list of incredible artists in South Korea makes the nation proud through their work in influencing pop culture through K-Drama. They put lives to all the characters that they played and won the viewers’ attention and love. Makeup artists are another entity that earns fans for the TV industry of Korea.

If you need a new bingewatch, there's plenty of great Korean dramas for you to check out. Here's a few recommendations.


Last but not least, music is one of the most significant reasons people love watching Korean dramas. K-pop brought a whole new sensation of songs that western audiences didn’t know before. People love the soft and subtle feel of a K song paired with soothing beats and calming compositions.
In the K series, artists play their roles to the fullest, and K music enhances the emotional buzz on screen. Apart from the K series, K-pop is already very popular among many countries. People love listening to Korean songs on Youtube and BTS is a living example of how much people love K-pop.

These were all these reasons why millennials love to enjoy K-Dramas. If you have been looking for more information about the K series, we hope this article helped you understand the appeal behind their popularity and have you itching to add a K-Drama to your binge-watch list.

If you need a new bingewatch, there's plenty of great Korean dramas for you to check out. Here's a few recommendations.


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