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Justin Hartley filed for divorce with 'Selling Sunset' star Chrishell Stause many months ago. How is Hartley's teenage daughter Isabella handling the split?

Will Justin Hartley’s divorce affect his teenage daughter?

Justin Hartley filed for divorce with Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause around eight months ago. For Hartley, one of the stars of This is Us, this will be his third divorce. His daughter, Isabella, is shared with his first wife, Lindsey Korman. 

Divorce is always tough for the children. It may be even tougher when it happens three times. However, Isabella has stuck with her dad through all of this; here’s some evidence of their strong relationship. 

First marriage

Hartley & Korman met on Passions and would later have Isabella in 2004. Hartley & Korman divorced in 2012, when Isabella was eight years old. Shortly after Hartley’s divorce with Stause, Korman supported her ex-husband’s decision. 

Korman posted on social media defending Hartley and proclaiming him as a great man & father. Isabella then shared the same post in agreement. Hartley & Korman appear to have a good relationship; hopefully, this means Isabella is growing up in a healthy environment with two supportive parents. 

Hartley & Isabella spend time together

Pictures of Hartley and his daughter are littered all over his Instagram page. The pair can be seen traveling together, going to sporting events, and strolling along the red carpet. Hartley appears to be a loving father who loves spending time with his daughter. Isabella also looks to be enjoying herself as well. 

Isabella looks to be doing well after the divorce as she supports and spends time with her father. The most important factor is that she is growing up in a healthy environment with her father.

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