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In love with J. Law? Check out Jennifer Lawrence’s most iconic movies

When exactly did Jennifer Lawrence drop into the A-list bucket? Lawrence seems to have been at the top tier of celeb stardom for years, but The Hunger Games didn’t drop until 2012. That was just a few years ago, right? 

COVID-19 brain may have distorted our sense of time, but 2012 was nine years ago, and Jennifer Lawrence has been starring in some of Hollywood’s major blockbusters since Hunger Games swept up teens with one of the biggest franchises of its kind since Harry Potter.

Jennifer Lawrence may be known for spearheading one of the 2010’s biggest book-t0-film empires, but she did plenty of work in her down time before, after, and in between the Hunger Games movies. We’ve gathered some of our favorite Jennifer Lawrence movies to help with your J. Law fix, even if these picks won’t feature her slinging arrows & fighting for her life.

Silver Linings Playbook

If you’re a fan of Jennifer Lawrence, you’ve almost certainly seen Silver Linings Playbook a dozen times. However, we have no problem underscoring the fact Silver Linings is one of the sturdiest Jennifer Lawrence movies out there.

Not only is Silver Linings Playbook sweet, funny, and entirely re-watchable, the movie features J. Law in one of her most demanding roles. She bares her soul as the tortured dancer Tiffany Maxwell, and her dramatic performance is unmatched by most of her filmography.

American Hustle

J Law & B. Coop got together on screen one year after Silver Linings in director David O. Russell’s follow up American Hustle

American Hustle is a little too familiar to the films it’s inspired by; audiences’ memories will perk up watching the film, as flashes of Boogie Nights, Goodfellas, and even Carlito’s Way come to mind in the club scenes presenting 1970s party time.

However, the sweeping montages taking us through 70s clubs in long shots are repeated so often because they’re so damn fun. You want to be there, we want to be there, and overall we’re having a great time watching. Furthermore, American Hustle is one of the best movies to watch if you’re trying to catch J. Law throwing around her acting chops. 


A year after American Hustle, the next generation’s Brad & Jen teamed up for a third time in 2014’s Serena. Serena was easier for audiences to avoid than the Oscar-driven supernovas previously mentioned, but not for lack of the main stars’ screen time.

Lawrence & Cooper flex their on-screen chemistry in Serena, as the two play newlyweds in 1930s North Carolina in perhaps the first time the two team up for a film without any F-bombs in the script.

Serena didn’t make as many waves as films previously featuring its stars’ collaboration, but the film places the responsibility of drama on Lawrence & Cooper’s hands in a way unseen before.


Finally, director Darren Aronofsky put J. Law in his most recent picture, as she pulled off her role in one of the least conventional movies she’s ever appeared in. Jennifer Lawrence isn’t forced to do any heavy lifting in Mother!; she’s merely a player in the sweeping stylized metaphor the movie presents.

Mother! is unlike any of the other movies Lawrence stars in; while movies like Serena pit J.Law against a leading man and have her carry a romance, Mother! is basically a long biblical reference in which she is a piece to help present this idea.

Mother! may not show off Lawrence’s acting abilities compared to some of her other roles, but in this case, the minimal labor works in her favor as Mother! is one of the most interesting & captivating movies of all of J.Law’s filmography. Fans may come for Lawrence, but stay for the spiraling nightmare that develops from the director of Requiem for a Dream & Black Swan.

There you have it: some of the most notable Jennifer Lawrence movies to check out if you have a J. Law fix. From entertaining to stoic to downright panic-inducing, there’s a Jennifer Lawrence movie for everyone.

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