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Horror movies are only getting better (read: scarier) and we just can’t not watch them. So here are 4 must-watch horror movies for you coming out next year

Horror movies that will terrorize you In 2020

While Annabelle, Midsommar, and Us gave us some good spooks this past year, we’re already looking forward to great horror movies coming out in 2020. And while, like everyone else, we’re also excited about the new year, new memories, new friends, new experiences, new inventions and discoveries, and new ways of entertainment and enjoyment, our horror movie itch is as itchy as ever. So save the dates, hold on to your seats, and try not to scream as we list the top horror movies coming out in 2020.

The Grudge – 3rd January

If you’re starting your year with a horror movie, The Grudge will be sure to give you an early fright good enough to quell your unreasonable excitement about a digit changing on your calendar. It’s another retelling of the hit Japanese horror movie franchise. And you’ll be surprised to know that it’s once again brought to you by the producer Sam Raimi.

While you may be wary of horror reboots at this point considering the fact that Raimi’s previous remake came only 16 years ago and was terrifying enough to never let us forget the white-faced child, there’s more to be hopeful for this one.

It’s because this version if being written and directed by Nicolas Pesce. You may not be familiar with his name, but his first two films, 2016’s The Eyes of My Mother and 2018’s Piercing are great movies filled with confidence and oozing sharp visual prowess. Its distinctive style might bring an entirely new taste to our favourite horror series.

A Quiet Place: Part 2 – 20th March

Very few people expected A Quiet Place to become the box office smash it became as John Krasinski surprised viewers as both a director and an actor in the emotional family drama. It was an interesting concept full of tense thrills and twists. But it did succeed, there was no question that there would be a sequel.

This March, the second installation of the series is coming and we’ve found out that that cast is expected to expand with Cillian Murphy and Djimon Honsou. We can only estimate that John Krasinski will take on more duties as a director than an actor to make the second one just as successful as the first one.

Untitled Saw Project – 15th May

Do you remember the highly underwhelming and forgettable 2017 reboot/sequel Jigsaw? Well, we don’t either. After the new movie focused more on gore and scattered limbs than actually making a good plot, and barely manage to stir up interest in the Saw series, it was clear that something new had to be done.

That’s where Chris Rock is stepping in. Though the reboot is currently untitled and is being referred to as The Organ Donor, we believe Rock can take the franchise in a new direction. The cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, Max Minghella, Marisol Nichols, and Chris Rock himself.

The Conjuring 3 – 11th September

With the Annabelle story, The Conjuring series has gone a little off-rail, though we’re not complaining about the spooks. However, it likely that The Conjuring 3 will bring the series full circle and return to the original story. A piece of bad news might be that James Wan isn’t the directing, rather he’ll be serving as both the producer and story co-developer.

And though we’ll see Wan’s influence throughout the film, Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, and Michael Chaves have taken the movie under their experienced wings. This time, the story will follow a defendant claiming that he was possessed during his alleged crimes. This will certainly bring a hint of complexion to the story and keep us hooked so the jumpscares can land.

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