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Hollywood celebrities who promote Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not going anywhere. The cryptocurrency boom has dominated the pop culture conversation over the last half decade, and Bitcoin is at the center of it. Bitcoin’s popularity is soaring these years, so for those who want to know more about it, there is a useful infographic about Bitcoin created by CryptoCasinoClub.

Unsurprisingly, the crypto brand has managed to attract the opinions and support of dozens of Hollywood celebrities. Some of them have gone as far as to promote the brand, and align themselves with what appears to be the wave of the future. Here’s a list of some of the most notable celebrities who have hitched their wagon to Bitcoin.

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Ashton Kutcher

Kutcher, best known for his TV work on That 70’s Show and Two and a Half Men, has been one of the most vocal supporters when it comes to urging fans to invest. “The Bitcoin revolution is here”, he told CNBC in 2013. “I think bitcoins are definitely becoming more and more pertinent.”

The actor, who’s married to fellow That 70’s Show star Mila Kunis, has also discussed her involvement in the cryptocurrency market. He revealed that Kunis was initially skeptical about investing in Bitcoin, but was persuaded by him to do so. Both actors are now vocal supporters.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow is an Oscar winner, a Marvel mainstay, and a lifestyle mogul. She’s also an avid supporter when it comes to Bitcoin. She went as far as to promote Bitcoin to her legion of fans last Christmas. According to Elle Magazine, the star partnered with Cash App to give $50,000 worth of Bitcoin to lucky users.

Paltrow explained that the crypto world fascinated her after delving further into it, and she felt that the field had been largely dominated by men up to the point she became involved. She told Elle that she wants to broaden the appeal, as well as the face, of Bitcoin for prospective investors.

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Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp was one of the bankable actors in the world, and now he’s taking this financial acumen and applying it to Bitcoin. The Pirates of the Caribbean launched his own collection of NFTs in 2022, and in 2018, he partnered with TaTaTu, a cryptocurrency-centric social entertainment platform, to produce a film using Bitcoin.

While the film has yet to be released, it has attracted massive talent, including Depp, Oscar winner Mark Rylance, and current Batman star Robert Pattinson.

Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon, like her close friend Gwyneth Paltrow, is an Oscar winner and a trailblazer for women in the crypto market. She made her intentions and her opinions of Bitcoin incredibly clear when she posted a tweet on the matter in 2021.

“Crypto is here to stay”, she wrote in response to a fan. “I’m committed to supporting creators who have pioneered the NFT space, and encouraging more women to be a part of the conversation.”

Jamie Foxx

Yet another Oscar winner with crypto aspirations. Foxx, a multi-talented entertainer, promoted the zero-fee cryptocurrency exchange ICO in 2017. He was one of many celebrities to push the exchange, including Floyd Mayweather and Paris Hilton, but unfortunately, ICO temporarily shut down in 2020.

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