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Did Hitman Holla’s leaked video earn him bank?

How many people have become famous through a sex tape? Yet, there’s another list of famous people that got their sex tapes exposed once they were under the stoplight. This is the case of Hitman Holla, who is a renowned American battle rapper, record producer, and reality TV personality. Holla is best known for his multiple appearances on Wild N Out, the improv comedy show. 

Hitman Holland is also a successful battle rapper in leagues such as URL, SMACK/URL, as well as King of The Dot. The rapper has released two solo albums and numerous mixtapes. Hitman Holland’s fame is in big proportion due to his witty punchlines, as well as in the battle rap community, where he debuted in 2009. But back to the video, what does it contain, why is it so viral and what do fans think? 

Thanks to this video, several people might now understand why the battle rapper uses that artistic name. Holla became a trending topic this week due to some explicit videos of him and his girlfriend, Cinnamon. But how did that happen? What would you think if we told you that it was Holla the one who shared them? This story might be an indicator to check your close friends list. Here’s all you need to know. 

Hitman Holla’s video

Long story short, the rapper shared intimate videos of him and his girlfriend through the instagram close friends. This feature allows you to curate a list of friends that would be able to watch the content you share there, unlike the regular IG stories that can be watched by everyone. Apparently someone on Holla’s close friends list wasn’t a real friend and actually leaked the videos making them end up on Twitter. 

Thanks to this leak, suddenly the whole world became Hitman Holla’s close friends. But how does the couple feel about it? Well, surprisingly or not, Hitman is not upset at all, in fact he said his girlfriend is not mad either and that she approves everything he posts. Hitman stepped by Twitter to say:  “Would never disrespect my girl and post something she didn’t agree to or didn’t like. What sense does that make?”

Apparently Hitman took this whole video situation as a joke, which he’s fine with. He also mentioned that his girlfriend Cinnamon is always supportive, apparently both of them are ok with the visibility of their intimate video. This makes us wonder if it wasn’t on purpose, although several public figures have their Only Fans account, something happens with leaked videos that seem more attractive. But who knows. 

More than a year has gone by since the couple’s video since it was leaked  December 15, 2021. Yet, when this kind of content goes viral it’s hard, if not impossible to make it stop. In fact, due to Hitman’s relaxed personality and the long five year relationship he holds with Cinnamon wouldn’t make it strange if they started creating erotic content.  Nonetheless, they can officially say this their way across the internet. 

Risks of hot videos 

Although we can all enjoy a good X rated scene in a movie, when life goes further than fiction, consequences become real too. In this case all factors were controlled since the couple agreed to post it knowing the risks, according to Hitman, Cinnamon knew every single person in his close friends. For this reason his only answer was “Not tripping. I knew the risk, it wasn’t solid, it’s all good.” 

Hitman’s response should serve as a referent whenever you want to do something delicate, just know the risks and make sure all parties are correctly informed. Also know that whatever works for them as a couple can certainly not be the case for yourself, so before publicly sharing a hot video just be aware of its shareability. Also, each time there are less platforms to share this kind of content, which is sad. 

In fact, the video was removed by Twitter stating that it violated their rules. Yet, with all the Twitter files we must certainly start questioning all  statements coming from this platform. 

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