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'Anupama' has been the highest-rated TRP-rated Hindi serial since its beginning. Here are the top two Hindi serials from 2022 so far.

Top 2 Hindi Serials 2022 Story & Review

1. Anupamaa Star Plus Drama

Anupama has been the highest-rated TRP-rated serial since its beginning, with Rupali Ganguly as the strong female lead.Anupaama is a Hindi production of Star Jalsha’s Bengali show ‘Srimoi.’

Anupama is a superb combination of purity and scenic beauty. The play depicts many emotions, from happiness to grief and laughter. You can watch here free Anupama.

Anupama Main CAST 

Roopali Ganguly (Anupamaa)

Rupali Ganguly is ideal for the character of Anupaama because she handles it with elegance and ease. She brings the role to life with her facial expressions and acting talent. Anupaama is a humble homemaker who has spent her entire life working for the family. However, a life-changing event forces her to accept that she must also live for herself.She chooses to leave her life with her spouse Vanraj behind and pursue her dreams.

Sudhanshu Pandey-Vanraj Shah (Anupamaa’s ex-husband)

Vanraj is a chauvinistic person who believes Anupama is not the ideal lady for him. He continues to be nasty to his wife and treats her as a servant. He hates Anupama for everything and hopes she will leave the house. However, Vanraj thinks Anupama has done a lot for him later in the series once he begins living with Kavya.

Madalsa Sharma– Kavya Shah (Vanraj’s second wife)

Madalsa Sharma, who represents Kavya, also stars in the show. She is the serial’s antagonist, and her talent is gaining her fans’ hearts.

Anupama Story

Anupamaa is the story of a mother who sacrifices everything of her hopes and wishes for her family, but even so, she is not respected. She is often insulted for being a homemaker with an inadequate degree and education. She attends to the needs of others throughout the day, but no one listens to her.

Vanraj Shah, Anupamaa’s husband, has been having an affair with his coworker Kavya Gandhi for the past 8 years. When Anupamaa observes Vanraj and Kavya having an affair on her 25th wedding anniversary, she is heartbroken and chooses to live her life on her terms. Samar, Anupamaa’s younger son, also cuts relations with Vanraj after finding out the truth.

Anupamaa looks for Vanraj’s health after he is injured in an accident. Vanraj develops feelings for Anupamaa. He tries to explain his thoughts to her, but Anupamaa chides him. Finally, Anupamaa is diagnosed with ovarian cancer and requests that Vanraj sign divorce papers.

Afterward, Kavya and Aniruddh divorce, just as Kavya is getting ready to marry Vanraj. Vanraj goes away on the wedding day, and Anupamaa blames him for lacking courage and devotion. Kavya and Vanraj tie the knot. Kavya constantly teases Anupamaa, attempting to embarrass her and failing to turn the family against her.

Anuj Kapadia, a successful businessman, returns to India from the United States. He is Anupamaa’s college classmate and one-sided boyfriend. Vanraj is jealous when he sees Anuj and Anupamaa spending time together. Anupamaa signs the contract and becomes a business partner with Anuj.

Vanraj becomes furious as Kavya reveals that she tricked everyone into signing property papers in her name. But then, everyone is astounded as he hands over divorce papers to her.

Vanraj is soon pressured to leave the house, and he takes Pakhi with him. After a series of conflicts and drama, Vanraj and Anupama choose to be courteous to each other for the sake of their daughter Pakhi’s serenity and happiness.

Anupama Is going top rated drama serial so far and is one of the hit serial of Star Plus. 

2. Udaariyaan Colors Tv Drama

Colors TV is returned with a new series called Udaariyaan, produced by Dreamiyata Productions, which Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey own.Udaariyaan is one of television’s most popular and successful series, and the storyline keeps the viewer engaged. You can Watch here Serial Udaariyaan free.

A dream can be both an inspiration and an addiction. The Sandhu Family’s fixation with relocating to Canada defines and drives the lives of the two girls, Tejo and Jasmine, in Udaariyaan’s story. This dream impacts everything in their lives, from their objectives to their love life.

The outstanding performances by both female characters – Malviya and Chaudhary, are the true highlights of the production. They shine in their different parts, where Jasmin is brilliantly done as a chirpy, dreamy, yet innocent girl, and Tejo is a subtle, ambitious, and sorted female.

Udaariyaan Cast:

  1. Jasmine (Isha Malviya) 
  2. Fateh (Ankit Gupta)
  3. Tejo(Priyanka Choudhary)

Udaariyaan Story

Udaariyaan is the story of three different characters, Fateh, Jasmin, and Tejo, and their aims and objectives. Fateh (the male character) is a boxer who eventually falls in love with Jasmin. He wishes to spend the rest of his life with her, pursuing her everywhere she goes.

On the other hand, Jasmin (second lead) has only one desire in life: to settle in Canada. Finally, the serial’s third lead, Tejo, aspires to be someone in life. However, fate has other things in the works. When the three of them meet paths, their lives will be changed.

In Udaariyaan’s story, when Fateh learns that Jasmin will only marry someone who has established in Canada, he begins looking for work in Canada. Jasmin and Fateh become closer once he finds work there. However, Tejo’s marriage has been finalized with Jass, who lives in Canada. Jass leaves after the wedding, and it is discovered that he is a scam artist who has deceived several families. As a result, Tejo’s life has been destroyed.

He learns of certain issues in his career in Canada just days before Fateh and Jasmin’s wedding. Jasmine cancels her wedding after finding that Fateh will not go to Canada, where she desired to live.Fateh is shocked.Given the circumstances, Tejo marries Fateh to save the family’s reputation.

Fateh and Tejo marry against their own will. Soon after, Jasmin realizes she wants Fateh back in her life and begins planning nasty ways to reclaim Fateh. She reveals her love to Fateh and pretends to burn her passport to prove it.

Fateh, on the other hand, cheats on Tejo with Jasmine, who is still attempting to get to Canada with Fateh.Fateh knows he is in love with Tejo after seeing Jasmine’s true nasty face conducting misdeeds against Tejo and Fateh’s family.

Fateh and Jasmin will marry soon. Fateh’s family confronts him and is furious that he is going to Canada, but they reconcile.

When Fateh and Jasmin are set to take their flight, Fateh asks for Jasmin’s boarding card and passport and then burns both of them. Jasmin is taken aback and screams at Fateh, watching and laughing. He confesses that their marriage was a fake, that they only went six rounds instead of seven, and that the pandit was an actress. Fateh also admits that he now realizes Jasmin was faking her love and that she merely wanted to hurt Tejo.

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