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From 'First Man' to 'Under the Tuscan Sun', grab your popcorn and get ready to learn from your favorite movie genres!

Movie Genres That You Can Learn From

There are so many different kinds of movies that are made all over the world. From expensive productions to independent films, from movies with mass appeal to award-winning films that get standing ovations in film festivals, you have an endless list that can inspire you to learn so much.

While the commonest forms of movie genres are romantic comedies, action flicks, or horror movies, other genres can be entertaining and informational at the same time. They make you ponder and often inspire you to do better. Here are some of them.

1. Biographies

Movies based on the lives of important personalities can teach you so much, not only about their lives but also about the times they lived in. Movies like Gandhi, Lincoln, and First Man are also a lesson in method acting.

If you wanted to learn about important personalities but found reading a book on them too tedious and time-consuming, watching biographical dramas still allows you to learn about them.

2. Psychological Thrillers

Whoever said watching movies is a waste of time and only results in futile entertainment have probably never watched a gripping psychological thriller. You will learn much from this genre if you love learning about different personalities and human nature.

From films dealing with multiple personality disorders to serial killers, from movies about PTSD to depression, these films try to cover a wide range of emotions and how it affects the human personality, combined with mystery and thrill to keep you hooked until the credits roll.

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3. Science Fiction

If you are a science geek, then this genre is for you. Aliens, time machines, genetically modified animals, or artificial intelligence- name it, and you have it all. Science fiction movies also involve many VFX, making them so much more visually appealing.

And while much of what is shown in these films will not come true, they open doors of possibilities and hint at what could happen if a mad scientist took over the world!

4. Travelogues

Movies based on travel are the most soothing of all. If you love adventure and have always dreamt of visiting new places, travelogues can satiate your desire if you are not able to leave your nest immediately.

Movies like Eat, Pray Love, Wild, or Under the Tuscan Sun are wonderful examples of how one can find oneself when moving away from home.

5. Documentaries

If you are into non-fiction, documentary films will surely appeal to you. There are so many genres you can choose from. They deal with scientific inventions, space, the deep sea, climate change, lifestyle choices, medicine, and much more.

The amount of research into making a documentary is staggering, and you get first-hand information from experts in that field. It is a genre you must explore if you haven’t already.

Watching movies is a very productive way of spending some alone time. Try to explore more genres, and you will be amazed at the treasure trove you discover, especially when you come across world cinema. Keep cultivating different genres and be prepared to repeatedly fall in love with films.

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