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5 Games every movie lover will love playing

Many movies and TV series portray well-known and popular games either as props, themes, or backgrounds to their storylines. Watching games in popular movies often entice movie fans to play these games themselves. Here are five games featured in some of our favorite movies: a sure treat for any movie lover.


Chess is a two-player, highly strategic game played on a board with an eight-by-eight grid of squares believed to originate from 7th-century India. The rules of chess and the powers of the individual pieces were standardized in the 19th century with each player starting a game with sixteen pieces. Chess is played by millions of people around the world and has gained cultural significance in many countries.

Filmmakers love scenes involving a game of chess. The earliest movie with chess as a theme is probably the one-minute comedy A Chess Dispute made in 1903. Chess also featured in Casablanca and the James Bond movie From Russia With Love.

Other famous films featuring games of chess include The Shawshank Redemption, Independence Day, many of the Harry Potter movies, and more recently, Captain America: Civil War.

If you’re a movie lover wanting to recreate the atmosphere of one of these great movies, chess is a great way to start – and you’ll have fun doing it. The game requires thinking skills, improving one’s ability to reason, all while developing patience.


Roulette is a casino game conceived in 18th-century France. The top movies featuring roulette include the James Bond epic Diamonds Are Forever, the troubling Indecent Proposal, and arguably one of the greatest films ever made, Casablanca.

The game of roulette lends itself to cinematic portrayal because it has a quiet, yet fancy elegance to it. It’s the ultimate betting game where protagonists can put everything on the line and sometimes lose it all (as was the case in Indecent Proposal). Roulette can also be an opportunity to turn your situation around, as was the case in Casablanca.

Fans trying to recreate their favorite roulette movie moments can play roulette in the gaming halls of famous hotels in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Monte Carlo. They can also play online roulette at their favorite online casino. Our favorite is the Winstar Casino Roulette, which is just as exciting as the roulette games we have all seen in the scenes mentioned above.

Contact Bridge

Contact bridge, or simply bridge, is a card game involving four players which became very popular during the 1920s and 1930s and soon found its way into the movies.

One of the earliest classics to introduce a bridge game into its storyline was the 1933 hit movie Grand Slam. Marx Brothers comedies also used games of bridge to set scenes using tricks, deception, and cheating. Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee Omar Sharif was a big proponent of the game of bridge and at one stage was rated among the world’s top bridge players.

So if you want to feel like Omar Sharif for a short time – while stimulating your brain – bridge might just be the game for you.


Early versions of backgammon have been found in excavations in Egypt and Iran dating back to 3500 BC after which it gradually spread all over the world. It is probably the oldest two-person board game to be played in the world. Primarily an easy game to play, it relies on a player’s ability to move the pieces from their starting position to the opponent’s position most efficiently and quickly.

Backgammon features in movies such as Octopussy from the James Bond franchise, Gone Girl, Iron Man, and Lost.

If you love movies with backgammon scenes, you’ll love playing the game itself. The attraction of playing backgammon lies in the simplicity of the rules of the game – but it’s also similar in many respects to chess, requiring high levels of concentration and focus while exercising the brain.


Dominoes is a popular game played by millions of people worldwide, with rectangular domino tiles divided onto two ends by a centerline. Each end is marked by a different number of spots or can be a blank.

Games of dominos and tiles feature movies such as V for Vendetta, Mindhunters, and Ocean’s Thirteen.

People enjoy playing dominoes as it teaches strategic thinking, is highly portable, and can be played just about anywhere. For movie lovers feeling nostalgic for some of their favorite movies and looking for a family-friendly game, dominoes is the perfect option.

There is an almost endless supply of games featured in popular movies to appeal to movie lovers. The beauty is that most of them are easily affordable, portable, and can be played almost anywhere.

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