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Friday the 13th makes some people quake in their boots. Here are some memes to help you get through the day.

Try not to feel cursed while looking at these Friday the 13th memes

It’s happening, pals! We just went through Gothtober and now we get to celebrate Friday the 13th this week. We know you’re still up for spooky stuff, and so are we. This unlucky date is an entire mood, so you’re probably as excited as we are for the day to come.

Even better, Halloween was just a couple of weeks ago, which means we’re still in the right mood to celebrate this cursed Friday. Even though the number thirteen represents bad luck for many, we know it’s really a cool way to engage with our enchanted side.

Besides crawling in our beds to watch slasher marathons, we thought a good way to celebrate would be with some memes. Here are the best memes to get you prepared for this Friday the 13th.

Ready for school

Here’s an idea: if you have classes this Friday and you have to make a presentation, you could use spooky slides to get everyone in the Friday the 13th mood. You might be thinking there’s nothing spooky about these slides. We’re sorry to tell you you’re completely mistaken.

These Minions are extremely scary because only a psycho would think of doing something like this. Now, whoever took this picture didn’t grace us with a close-up of the other two slides – we assure you. 

The upper slide reads “Happy Friday the 13th! Hope you have a lucky day!” with a confused-looking Minion standing next to it. The second one has a French maid Minion with the text “It may be Friday the 13th, but it is still Friday and a reason to dance! 13 is just a number. . . .” That’s the creepiest thing ever! Only an evil mastermind would come up with such an abomination.

Only a little

Michael Scott (and actually everything about The Office) has been an enormous source of memes for a long time now. It’s just amazing how there’s a Michael Scott meme for every situation, including Friday the 13th.

We’d normally hate to admit it, but we feel like Michael Scott represents us perfectly in this picture. We might appear all hyped & brave on the outside, but we’re really as concerned as he is.

As much as we love celebrating spooky dates like Friday the 13th, we can’t deny there’s a small part of us that is still concerned about bad luck. Sure, we know nothing is going to happen if we walk below some stairs, but we don’t actually know it.

Welp, time to go

Friday the 13th is an excellent opportunity for us to bring out our spookiest selves, so we actually look forward to this date. We don’t think everyone feels the same way, though.

Although we’re usually excited about Friday the 13th, we can understand how Jason SquarePants feels having to do this constantly. Have you ever considered how he feels about the 13th? You probably haven’t ‘cause you only think about yourself 😭.

Poor Jason, if only he could get a rain check . . .

Save the date

For some, this Friday will be like any other. They’re probably going to have the same plans as usual and forget completely about this important date. This means that some of us will have to turn down some invitations from people who aren’t celebrating the thirteenth.

Hopefully, your friends already have everything planned for this Friday. If they don’t, you could just casually mention that it would be a good idea to watch a slasher film that day. If that doesn’t work, definitely cancel.

We understand how others might not have this date at the top of their head, but surely they can understand why we can’t attend non-haunted events. Maybe we can try next week or some other uneventful Friday.

Time to change our luck

This year has been hard for a lot of people, so we imagine Friday the 13th is a particularly scary date in 2020. Here’s an idea, though: what if we trick the universe into giving us good luck?

Maybe if we do everything that’s supposed to be bad luck this Friday, the universe will get confused and end up giving us good luck. Maybe it would end up cancelling  each other’s effect?

Surely there’s no harm in trying. . . Right?

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