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Tired of waiting for sci-fi movie 'Dune' to hit theaters in December 2020? Here’s everything we know about the upcoming trailer.

What’s going on with the 2020 ‘Dune’ movie? Is a trailer coming?

Sci-fi fans are clamoring to hear news about the highly-anticipated movie Dune which is set to hit theaters in December 2020. Part of a cherished franchise, Dune will be a likely hit. Especially because the long-awaited film is directed by Denis Villeneuve who made the critically-acclaimed sequel Blade Runner 2049. 

Not only has Villeneuve proven his sci-fi expertise, but his devotion to Dune has been impressive. A lifelong fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune novel & David Lynch’s original adaptation, Villeneuve said he would drop everything to work on Dune. Villeneuve has been working on his adaptation for a couple of years. 

When the pandemic hit, Villeneuve reported that Dune was almost finished but needed some readjustments. Luckily the Dune team was able to get in some reshoots, so the editing process (though delayed) is coming along. In fact, we may be seeing evidence of some major progress to set our hearts at ease very soon. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming trailer & more.  

Trailer on the horizon

According to Entertainment Weekly, Dune’s trailer is on its way. We’re excited to announce that some time this month (August) we may expect to see Dune’s trailer. However, it’s still possible that theater closures may deter the trailer’s expected release.

Reports suggested that Dune’s trailer, along with Wonder Woman 1984’s trailer, would debut during Inception’s tenth-anniversary re-release on August 21st. However, the re-release may be postponed or canceled due to coronavirus since theater chains may still be closed. Thus our expectations may be suspended once again. 

Exciting cast

While we anxiously await Dune’s trailer, we can still appreciate the stunning photos that have already been released. Dune photos showcase the impressive ensemble and prove to us that Dune is definitely something worth waiting for. 

Who exactly are we excited to see in Dune? We’ll start with Jason Momoa – also known as Khal Drogo or Aquaman. Recently Momoa posted a series of photos on his Instagram from some kind of desert photoshoot. The hunky actor shares some hype on his post, saying “dune coming soon.” These photos are making us thirsty – and not just because of the hot desert setting. 

But Momoa isn’t the only cast member that we’re thrilled to see in Dune. Momoa will be met by hotties like Timothée Chalamet (Little Women), Zendaya (Euphoria), Oscar Isaac (Star Wars), & Rebecca Hall (The Awakening.) With this attractive list of stars, Dune will no doubt be a stunning watch. 

Future & past

As a huge development of the Dune franchise, Villeneuve’s adaptation will be making some changes from both the Dune book & the original Dune movie by David Lynch. Villeneuve isn’t afraid to put his own twist on the franchise.

One change, for example, is the gender-bent cast. David Lynch’s version of Dune cast Max von Sydow to play the wise character Kynes. Villeneuve’s version instead cast a woman for the role – Sharon Duncan-Brewster. Deliberately rectifying Dune’s lack of female characters, Villeneuve seeks to set the series on a more modern path. 

While Villeneuve does have criticism of Lynch’s Dune, it’s clear that it was still an inspiration for the new film. Wardrobe, for one, echoes Lynch’s design. That wonderful mix of technology & medieval-themed garb appears to suit the franchise. 

Another element of Dune to look forward to is its extensive capabilities. Villeneuve sees Dune expanding beyond his solitary movie in the works. If Villeneuve’s movie does well, an HBO Max series is likely to follow. That way, hopefully, the Dune franchise will be able to spread its wings and give us more sci-fi goodness. In the meantime, we just have to remember that patience is a virtue. 

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