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We have a few ideas as to who should play some of the characters in Joss Whedon's new 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' reboot.

Casting the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ reboot

By now you’ve probably heard all about how a Buffy the Vampire Slayer sequel from Joss Whedon is in the works.

As fans of the show (and the overall Buffy-verse) will already be aware, the reboot doesn’t mean that the show will be following the exact same characters of the original. As the show’s mythology dictates, into every generation a slayer is born who alone will wield the strength to fight the forces of darkness yaddah yaddah yaddah chosen one.

That means in the reboot we should (hopefully) all have the opportunity to enjoy all new characters and a fresh take on the slayer mythology from a fresh perspective against the backdrop of a new era.

It also means that the Slayer doesn’t necessarily have to be a high school girl. Though it’s unheard of for many slayers to survive beyond their teen years, it’s perfectly plausible we could be seeing more of a battle-worn vision of a slayer in this reboot who already understands her role in the world and the terrors that lurk within it.

Having speculated for far too long on what this reboot could entail, we also have a few ideas as to who should play the character – along with what stars should be part of the supporting cast as The Watcher, the token hot vampire, and as members of the all-new Scooby Gang.

The Slayer

Tessa Thompson

Alright, so Thompson is kind of a huge star these days and could be tricky to land, but we still think she’d make for one of the ultimate candidates as the slayer of a new generation – particularly if the show aims for prestige. Not only is she quick-witted, intelligent, and magnetic enough to take on the role, but she’s also strong as hell – did you see her in Thor: Ragnarok? She’s a total warrior woman.

Indya Moore

The captivating actor has been wowing audiences with their performance as Angel in Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s Pose. We think they have exactly the right presence of power and courage to become the next generation of slayer and take on the forces of darkness with a wry, confident grin.

Keke Palmer

Palmer has a superb comedic instinct that could lend itself well to the show should it stay within the wry, irreverent tone of the original series. Her performances in Scream Queens and Star suggest she has the chops for genre work and oodles of charisma to go with it, making her a perfect option.

Susan Wokoma

If you caught the sadly short-lived Netflix Originals series Crazyhead, you’ll already be aware of Wokoma’s vast talents within a horror-based show. Playing a self-made demon hunter in the British Buffy-esque dramedy means that Wokoma is already warmed up for the job and is easily the funniest woman on this list – something that we think is tremendously important in keeping with the vibe of the original show.

Zoë Kravitz

Having seriously wowed us with her performances in a variety of projects including Big Little Lies, Rough Night, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Mad Max: Fury Road, Kravitz has proven she has a magnificent range worthy of a position as the slayer. Kravitz’s dynamic acting wheelhouse means she can more than capably tackle drama, comedy, and action with aplomb and a standout sense of swagger.

The Watcher

Nathan Fillion

Having appeared in the original Buffy series as evil priest Caleb, we’d love to see Fillion given the opportunity to return to the Buffy-verse in more of a supportive and positive role as a mentor to the Chosen One. Imagine the quips! Plus he’d look great in a tweed suit. Tell us we’re wrong!

Tony Todd

The legendary character actor has starred in a spectacular array of iconic genre movies including Candyman, The Crow, the Final Destination franchise, and he more recently enjoyed a single episode guest role in Riverdale. With his striking deep voice and commanding screen presence, he could bring a whole new aspect to what being a Watcher is all about.

Niecy Nash

On a similar note, times are changing and there’s every possibility in this topsy turvy world that The Watcher’s Council has finally let women sidle in to crash the prestigious boys’ club. If so, the Claws and Scream Queens star would be top of our list as someone we’d love to see guiding the new Slayer on her mission to save the world.

Laverne Cox

As Sophia in Orange is the New Black, Cox emanates exactly the sort of quiet wisdom that would be essential in being an all-knowing expert regarding the dark forces and the underworld. But the actress would also bring exactly the right level of glamour, femininity, and fierceness that could help upgrade the archetypal character from the stuffy librarian trope of the original.

The Scooby Gang

Shannon Purser

She played Barb in Stranger Things! She (occasionally) plays Ethel Muggs in Riverdale! And now we want her to take on a Willow Rosenberg style character for the Buffy reboot. She’s absolutely perfect in every way for the role – so much so, we feel almost inclined to petition for her inclusion.

Sophie Turner

Because the Buffy reboot totally needs a “mean girl” who transpires to be a total hero just like Cordelia is in the original. She showcased her spark for playing a Cordelia-esque character as Heather in Barely Lethal with standout finesse and we’d love to see her step back into a similar role for the Buffy reboot.

Gabourey Sidibe

Sidibe has been killing it in shows like Empire, Difficult People, and American Horror Story, and her distinctive penchant for balancing drama with comedy in her performance could make her exactly the sort of BFF the Slayer deserves.

Token hot vampire

Dylan Sprouse

Sorry (not sorry), but Sprouse could make for one perfect undead brooding babe if given the chance. Especially with those luscious locks of his! Which, as we know from Interview With a Vampire, is the only hairstyle a respectable vampire should be rocking during any era.

Logan Browning

Alternately, let’s go with the potential idea that the Slayer is queer AF and the token hot vampire she definitely shouldn’t be crushing on (but absolutely is because that plot line has to happen) is played by an enigmatic stunner like Browning. The Dear White People star is mysterious and powerful on screen and she’d make an almighty vamp if she channeled that energy into being one of the children of the night.

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  • The “reboot,’ of, (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), with the star being of different ethnicity,& her “Scooby gang,” just maybe quite interesting. Not to mention as exciting as the TV series!.Providing the fersh new cast is talented enough,& well placed in their role.If the producers,& directors..In my opinion,adding lib going too far out the lines of the original characters can be a death sentence for a TV-show,or movie.So,if the reboot makes it to the TV network,then we’ll see if it’s a success,or a bust!

    March 8, 2021

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