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Is Superman actually evil? Twitter users debate the storytelling merits of the Man of Steel turning to the dark side. Dive into the dispute!

Is Superman evil? Join DC fans as they debate this superhero’s fate

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a debate that could literally go on forever! Superman is one of the most recognizable faces in the DC universe and in most popular culture. His amazing powers and ability to always do the right thing are one of many reasons why his stories have always thrived. But one question has always cropped up: is there something that could turn Superman evil?

There are times when the Big Blue Boy Scout is portrayed in less than stellar lighting by his writers, usually after a great loss in his life. The trope of the evil Superman is, by now, pretty well known in both comics and visual media, making it a ripe point of conversation among superhero fans on this ever winding question: is and should Superman be able to be turned evil? 

Luckily, we flew through the treads to find out! We used our X-ray vision to finally answer the question of is Superman evil and found the best reactions to the debate. Grab your capes and dive into the debate: is Superman evil? 

Used to be cool 

It’s funny how insane the idea used to be to fans before it became so common. 

At least 

We can agree here; poor Supes has had it rough until recently . . . . 

Do the right thing

That’s also true; at his core, he’s meant to be the best of us.

Lost it all 

Yeah, when you put it like that . . . . 

To the comics! 

We do love it when debaters cite their sources . . . . 

Global power 

Honestly, that does sound like a fascinating twist to the idea! 

Alternate reality? 

Those are a convenient way to explore while keeping the character intact, but as we’ve seen, they can get messy . . . . 

Friends to blows 

Yeah, that last part is just a sucker punch to the feels, guys! 


Shush, don’t summon-too late

Two cents 

Noted and appreciated, dude! 

What are your thoughts on the question; is Superman better as an evil character? Drop them below in the comments before the Kryptonite starts flying!

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  • Read the mainline comics ffs. Canon Superman has never been evil.

    Read Superman: whatever happend to the man of tommorow? For an actual answer how Superman would react to a loved ones death. Evil Superman can infest pop culture and stay there to please cynical morons.

    July 9, 2021

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