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We have some post-Crisis news for The CW’s 'Supergirl'. With the latest news and set photos, we have some more information to share.

When does ‘Supergirl’ return? Here are all the post ‘Crisis’ news and theories

So the multiverse is currently nada thanks to Crisis on Infinite Earths. While we don’t know the last repercussions of the crossover, as we have to wait until Jan. 14 to those answers, we are getting some post-Crisis news for The CW’s Supergirl

We’ve previously shared our theories for the latter half of Supergirl’s fifth season, especially what it looks like post Crisis, but with the latest news and set photos, we have some more information to share. We’re heading into episode 100, people! It’s a pretty big deal.

When will Winn’s return happen? 

Over the summer, it was announced that Jeremy Jordan would reprise his role as Winn Schott during Supergirl’s fifth season. All that’s been confirmed about his return is that it’s a guest spot and that it will happen after Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Thanks to SpoilerTV, we the titles for episodes 10 to 13 of Supergirl. Episodes titles for 11 and 12 are “Back from the Future”. Obviously, this is a homage to the sci-fi comedy classic Back to the Future. Now, what does this have to do with Winn’s return? 

In the season three finale “Battles Lost and Won,” Winn went to the 31st century with Mon-El (Chris Wood) to help stop Brainiac (not Jesse Rath, the supervillain Brainiac) from destroying all AI. As Brainy (Rath) was a target, he stayed in the 21st century. 

Given the title of the two-parter, we think that this pretty much clinches Winn’s return guest stint on the show. We have our finger’s cross that he sticks around the 100th episode of the show as he was one of the original Superfriends. 

During the two-parter, we wonder if this is when the female Brainiac-5, who will be played by Jesse Rath’s real-life sister Meaghan, will also appear. 

The return of Mxyzptlk

In the first casting news for post-Crisis Supergirl, we learned that Mxyzptlk will return in a new form. Thomas Lennon (The State, The Odd Couple) is set to recur as Mxyzptlk in Supergirl’s fifth season. Now the recast makes perfect sense for the character as, in the comics, he is a shapeshifter along with a reality warper. Given Mxy’s mischievous nature, it makes sense to cast Lennon, who has a strong body of comedy work behind him.

This classic Superman foe made his first appearance in season two. Mxy, played by Peter Gadiot, appeared at the end of “Luthors”, but was the main foe in “Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk”. At the end of the episode, Kara was able to get Mxyzptlk to say his name backwards, sending him back to the fifth dimension.

In the season two episode Myx was trying to get Kara to marry him, so who knows if that will continue with his Supergirl return. We also don’t know when in season five Mxy will appear.

Sam Arias is back

Sam Arias (Odette Annable) was a key figure in Supergirl’s third season. She was the human guise for the Worldkiller, Reign. After Reign’s defeat and purging from Sam’s body, she and her daughter, Ruby (Emma Tremblay), moved away from National City for a fresh start. There is a brief mention of the two doing just fine in the Supergirl season four premiere, but that’s the last we heard.

Eagle-eyed fans and Candagraphs saw Annable on the Supergirl set shooting scenes with Katie McGrath (Lena Luthor). Given the shooting schedule, it looks like Annable will return for Supergirl’s 100th episode. Now we won’t believe anything until we get official confirmation, but it will be great to see how she’s doing. Who knows? Maybe Sam can help Lena. 

Other notable returns

Annable wasn’t the only old Supergirl actor to appear on set. Canadagraphs also nabbed shots of Sam Witwer (Ben Lockwood), Robert Baker (Otis Graves), and Chad Lowe (Thomas Coville).

Lockwood was the secondary antagonist in Supergirl’s fourth season. A former history professor, his racist thoughts toward aliens helped the anti-alien movement gain traction. In reality, he was a pawn for Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) in order to discredit Supergirl and aliens to further his own agenda.

Graves, along with his late sister Mercy (Rhona Mitra), worked for Lex Luthor. While both Otis and Mercy were killed early on in Supergirl’s fourth season, Graves returned as a Metallo, a cyborg with a kryptonite heart in his chest. He’s…not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but he was last seen smuggling a kid that Lex ordered killed to America. So, hey, some redemption, we guess.

Coville ran a Kryptonian based cult that worshipped Kara as a god. He was on the plane that she helped save in the pilot. Coville had his followers put themselves in danger in order to be rescued by Kara so they could feel closer to her. He eventually went to work with sect of Yuda Kal, who are dark witches that created Reign. Coville was, presumably, killed in the season three finale of Supergirl

Let’s talk about the 100th episode

Given Supergirl’s 20-episode first season on CBS, its 100th episode falls on the thirteenth episode of season five. We know the title: “It’s a Super Life”. Based on the title and the holiday season, it sounds like Supergirl will be paying homage to It’s a Wonderful Life

Arrow did something similar in its 100th episode, which was titled “100” and took place during 2016’s Invasion! crossover. Now without having to deal with a crossover, we’re going to hope that Supergirl’s story can be a little more focused. It worked for The Flash, it can work for Supergirl too.

Given the title, we think the episode is going to be a whole “what if” scenario. The scenario in question is what if Kara revealed her secret identity to the world? With Lena’s reaction to her identity amongst other issues in her past with her dual life, it would be interesting for Kara to see how things would go down that road. Based on set photos, we know that Kara will reveal her identity to a crowd of reporters. 

Based off of Lennon’s casting, who can make that alternate reality happen? Mxyzptlk. In this scenario, he’ll be acting as the Clarence to Kara’s George. Now, this is just based off of on-set images, the title, and casting news, but we think that sounds pretty solid all things considered.

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