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DC Films officially has its live-action Batgirl in 'In The Heights' Leslie Grace. Celebrate with the internet over the wonderful casting.

‘Batgirl’: Peek at the cast of this upcoming DC movie on HBO Max

It’s about time that Barbara Gordon gets her due on the big screen. The character has been a beloved staple of the Batfamily for years. From her time in the cape & cowl to becoming the fearsome Oracle after the Joker paralyzed her, Babs has always been a fan-favorite character for years. So heck yeah, it’s about time we get an upcoming DC movie involving her! 

Now, to be fair, DC has had this movie in the works with its other upcoming slate for quite a while. There were rumors about the writer with Roxane Gay throwing her name in the ring. Then there was that whole bullet dodge with Joss Whedon over him being the director. Which, you know, we’re all very, very relieved that we don’t have to see that. We saw that Wonder Woman script, Joss. Stay away from Babs.

But excellent news came out yesterday! We have our Barbara Gordon. Leslie Grace, who came to prominence in In the Heights, is set to play Batgirl/Barbara Gordon in the upcoming DC movie. Congratulations! Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all the casting news for the time. What we can show you is the fan reactions for the project. 


Excellent idea! 

Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson is set to pen the Batgirl script. So, you know, have her make the sequel to Birds of Prey.


Build on that star power

Leslie Grace did kill it as Nina Rosario in In the Heights.


We’re ready 

The rest of the world would like to meet her as well! 


High hopes for this movie

We’re just so #blessed with this Batgirl news. If you were curious, then Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Ms. Marvel) are directing! 



Grace will be the first POC actor to play Barbara Gordon.


Someone give that person a TV show

Listen if Marvel can make TV series that tie into their movies, then do the same with Black Canary & Batgirl. It makes sense.


The woman in the Batfamily are killing it

Yaaaaas! Look at these queens.


Let the soundtrack be a banger

Well now she needs to make music for the Batgirl movie, right?


Victory is ours

We have won.


Words from the woman of the hour

Awww look at how excited she is

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