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James Bond is back to action, under the skin of Daniel Craig in his fifth movie in the franchise. Is he the best 007 in history?

A Brief Look at Daniel Craig’s Role Through the 007 Franchise

James Bond is back to action, under the skin of Daniel Craig in his fifth movie in the franchise. The movie was released last September, and it’s considered a turning point in 007’s adventures. No Time to Die also marks Craig’s last day in the office, a shift that lasted 15 years. Let’s have a look at Craig’s contribution to the world’s most famous spy.

The Young Agent of Her Majesty

Daniel Craig isn’t the actor with more James Bond movies on the belt. This title is shared by Roger Moore and Sean Connery, both with seven films. Still, Craig is the actor who has been in the role for the longest period. Countless casinos, beautiful leading ladies and vivid action scenes later, the actor is stepping down. We can’t help but feel at a  loss of his portrayal.

After all, he did bring us into the middle of the action and countless destinations, from luxury beaches, impressive skyscrapers and elegant casinos. Casino Royale is without a doubt a great cinematic masterpiece. The film left us wanting more and making us feel like we were the character himself, even if the closest to the casino we were at was with Jackpot 6000 or similar. We still got to explore vicariously through his portrayal of James Bond.

Craig’s Era

Daniel Craig lived a James Bond’s lifetime. From the first mission to retirement, the British actor has been through it all. Here’s a short description of each movie.

Casino Royale – 2006

The remake of the 1967 original brings a low-tech 007, using his fists and pistol to solve his problems. The new version was influenced by a batch of anti-Bond movies, like the Bourne franchise, where the agents wouldn’t use all that unrealistic paraphernalia anymore.

Quantum of Solace – 2008

Quantum of Solace is considered a sequel to Casino Royale, where the characters pick up from the point they stopped in the previous movie. Grieving the death of Vesper Lynd, the agent spends most of the film looking for revenge.

Skyfall – 2012

Skyfall brings a James Bond still sharp and athletic in his 40’s, although his health already shows signs of ageing. Skyfall also marks the comeback of the fantastic machinery, with his Aston Martin tuned with machine guns and an ejection system.

Spectre – 2015

Spectre is considered a sequel to Skyfall, like Quantum of Solace is to Casino Royale. This movie is also one of the earliest stories, still written by Ian Flemming, in 1961. SPECTRE was an evil organization born from the fears of the Cold War.

No Time to Die – 2021

No Time to Die brings a 007 already considering retirement, and part of the plot deals with the issues of ageing and the need for replacement. The agent loses his designation momentaneously to a younger agent, played by Lasahana Lynch.

MI6: Now Hiring

The double-o agent has gone through a lot in the past five movies: from the early missions full of mistakes to an exhausted retiree. Now, it’s time for the character to change again, although it may still be too soon to guess how. Nevertheless, there are many speculations about the next actor, or actress, for the role. Lasahan Lynch, Idris Elba, and Tom Hardy are some of the names usually brought about by those speculations. 

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