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We decided to show you just how much of a daddy Penn Badgley is. Here's all the proof you will ever need.

Here’s why Penn Badgley will always be our daddy

Three days ago, singer Domino Kirke shared a picture on her Instagram with the hashtag #40dayspostpartum. We still don’t have many details about You actor Penn Badgley & Domino Kirke’s child, but we’re super excited for them!

Even though this is Badgley’s first child, he’s already taken care of Cassius (Domino’s firstborn), so we’re pretty sure he’s been a daddy all along. To celebrate the occasion, we decided to show you just how much of a daddy Penn Badgley is.

We gathered some of our favorite shots of Penn Badgley so you can feast your eyes while we wait to get more information about the Badgley-Kirke baby. Just beware, while every picture is completely SFW, they’re not meant for frail hearts.

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Dad shoot for GQ

These pictures of Penn Badgley are God sent. How does he look so good with such a dad outfit? Rocking an underwear shirt like he does isn’t easy, yet he manages to look incredibly sexy.

Think about it – most people wearing this same outfit would look like they just gave up on life. Alright, maybe we were exaggerating, but the open shirt and the high pants usually don’t scream “sex bomb”. We’re just amazed at how well he looks in such a plain outfit.

Executive daddy realness

If you’re not feeling Penn’s casual dad look, maybe we could interest you in the more sophisticated executive daddy fantasy. This one is for everyone who’s into a more elegant look. Penn Badgley is still young but he looks like he knows a thing or two about it’s done – whatever it is. 

Everything about this photograph is perfection: the suit choice, the fit, the eyes. Why can’t we get more pictures like this? Really, someone should be doing another suit photoshoot of him right now.

Everyday dad 

The last two photographs are works of art, and we can tell they were shot by professionals. This one is also a work of art, but one that feels warmer. This photograph shows a more caring, sweet side of Penn Badgley – and we’re here for it.

Also, this goes to show how, even without the lights, makeup, or clothes, Penn Badgley is still a complete daddy. Maybe the fact that he’s holding a baby helps.

We just feel this photo is the sweetest, and we wouldn’t have forgiven ourselves if we didn’t show you this gem. We love how both the baby and Penn have such a genuine smile. Here’s undeniable proof of how Penn Badgley is a daddy, with or without a professional photoshoot.

Penn is definitely DaMan

Do you remember when Penn appeared in DaMan magazine looking like a total daddy? In case you forgot about it or missed it completely, we included this picture in our list for you to enjoy this amazing and more sober look.

Here we have a headshot of Penn looking as sexy as always. We’re amazed at how well he looks without the need to use striking clothes or anything showy for that matter. He doesn’t need more than a dark shirt, a watch, and his glorious face to look stunning.

Sleek daddy

Talk about an edgy daddy, huh? Look, we have to be honest. At this point we feel like it’s super clear why we think Penn Badgley is undeniably daddy material. Now we got our point across, we just really wanted to show you how good he looks with a red jacket.

Obviously, he looks as hot in this photograph as he did in the rest. We don’t think there’s a way Penn Badgley can look bad – not even average! Penn will certainly rock being a dad, and we couldn’t be happier for the couple.

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