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Dying for 'Cowboy Bebop' to drop its live-action series over on Netflix already? Check out the hype for the series before its release.

When will ‘Cowboy Bebop’ drop on Netflix?

Short answer: November 19th. There. We saved you a Google search. 

Wait, don’t go – we didn’t get to the best part yet! Since we still have to spend an entire month counting down the days until Netflix’s highly anticipated live-action remake of 90s kids’ old Toonami staple, Netflix did us a solid and dropped a whole two-minute trailer of Cowboy Bebop: The Last Session for us to enjoy. 

Will you thank Netflix for this little morsel of Cowboy Bebop, or will you scream “thanks I hate it” along with . . . most of Twitter? Let’s strap into The Bebop (you remember, the interplanetary fishing trawler where the crew lived) and see if this space western anime remake will actually live up to the hype. 


What the &@%$ did we just watch? 

Two minutes later, and we’re still scratching our heads at this one. Netflix apparently took Cowboy Bebop and doused layers & layers of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers levels of ham & cheese on top. 

Granted, it’s anime, so there’s some level of over-the-top action, craziness, and hammy acting involved. However, the original Cowboy Bebop series looked tame compared to whatever Netflix just threw at us! And we had to go back and watch the original trailer to jog our memories. 


Yeah, it was still action packed, but where did the psychedelic comic book framing come from, Netflix? It’s like they took the premise of Cowboy Bebop, then added 70s exploitation films, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, the aforementioned Power Rangers, and threw it in a blender and told the world: look, shiny! 

Thankfully, no Edwards or data dogs named Ein were harmed in the making of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop . . . that we’ve seen so far. 


Fandom says “meh” 

Meanwhile, Twitter prepared their fingers, placed them gently on their keyboards, then went to work trashing the trash fire Netflix dropped on them. Of course, we have our faves. 


When you cast a forty-nine-year-old

Why is Spike old? LOL! 


Netflix made a Death Note

Oh yeah, we forgot about that one . . . 😒


Silver lining

There’s good in every turd, we guess. 


In this essay, I will . . . 

Academic papers have been written about how nostalgia is one giant cash cow. 


Or maybe we’re just complaining

Meh, we complain about everything though. 😉


Not our baby! 

We’ll have to give Netflix an offer they can’t refuse. 


Maybe it’s the walkout tomorrow, or maybe it was part of the promotional schedule all along. The world will never know. 🧐


Plot twist

Wait . . . this was just promotional material? The show won’t actually be like this? 

Will you give Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop a chance despite the hammy trailer? Drop your thoughts in the comments below. 

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