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X coolest movie characters of all time

The Magnificent Cool Seven

Movies would be meaningless without the people who inhabit them. Think about it: otherwise, they’d be abstract films of landscapes and locations. While some roles are merely functional, the best cinematic characters may transform a movie by providing deep morals, motivating personal growth, standing up to the odds, fighting for what’s right as sturdy heroes, or spreading mayhem as antiheroes and villains. When we think of the best film characters, one thing comes to mind – how cool they are! 

Cool, by definition, defies definition, and attempting to describe it is exceedingly uncool, so all we have are cultural examples to which we can point and say, yep, that’s cool. Thus, we thought we’d present you with the coolest movie characters to demonstrate and celebrate all things fabulous. These characters are so cool they have almost frozen the camera lenses in front of them, and in turn, they have made some of the coolest scenes on film. These guys have created cool moments in casino movies, action films, and romance flicks. So, without further ado, we give you the coolest characters from the world of cinema.

  1. Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Holly appears to be your standard big-city socialite at first. She dresses superbly, sleeps half the day, is constantly late for work, throws extravagant parties, and never skips a beat. Holly is a very well-written character in and of herself, but no other actor than Audrey Hepburn could have brought her to life.

Holly progressively reveals herself as the film proceeds, peeling away layer after layer of her outward appearances to uncover a compassionate, wounded heart beneath. She has influenced generations of women and will never be forgotten. She has inspired numerous female characters, but she will never be reproduced.

  1. James Bond in the Bond Movies – Men’s fashion has evolved drastically since the 1960s. Successive youth cultures have steadily relaxed the rules of formal wear, revolutionizing how men dress. And yet, perversely, possibly the most stylish man in cinema in the last 50 years is bound by yesterday’s conventions. What is his name? Bond. Bond, James Bond. You’re obviously a hipster bore if you don’t find his elegance enthralling.
  2. The Man With No Name in the Dollars Trilogy – The Man with No Name, based on Kurosawa’s Yojimbo, is such an iconic character that he affected the entire Western genre. Both characters are known for being silent and in command. The impact of The Man with No Name can be observed in other popular Western characters, such as Sergio Corbucci’s Django and the Sartana series.
  3. Han Solo in Star Wars – Han Solo is the ultimate space explorer and smuggler. Han Solo’s charm stems from the fact that he doesn’t care what’s going on in the galaxy since he’s too busy carving out his own niche and living his life. He allows Luke and Leia to drag him into their grand quest, but he ends up being the cool skeptic who frequently points out that things won’t work. Han Solo has a noble heart pounding within him, but on the surface, he appears to be the sort who would rather relax in his favorite bar with his cronies and let others fight. However, his positive outlook on life, paired with Harrison Ford’s personality, gained him devotees.
  4. Ellen Ripley in Alien – To say Ellen Ripley is an excellent movie character is an understatement. She paved the way for future female protagonists in science fiction and helped build the framework for female representation in Hollywood. Ripley transforms into a typical action hero while maintaining her parental instincts, a tricky line to walk despite her toughness. Surprisingly, Ripley’s interaction with the Xenomorph plays a significant role in her character development; the alien race regards her as a worthy enemy, a distinction bestowed upon no other human in the Alien saga.
  5. Alan Schafer in Predator Arnold Schwarzenegger played Major Alan “Dutch” Schafer in the 1987 sci-fi horror movie Predator, an alien entity who pursues Dutch and his team for nothing more than sport. The first film in the genre, Predator, demonstrated how a beefed-up human compared to an equally beefed-up monster. But, physical power aside, Dutch’s boldness and fast smarts help him to defeat Predator and make it out alive.
  6. The Joker in the Dark Knight – He is the mirror through which you see your hideous face! He is the psychopathic embodiment of the criminal in every man! He demonstrates the glaring flaws in the social framework that humans have constructed! You despise him, yet you can’t just ignore him! The Joker is the main adversary in Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight.’ Even though he is the villain, you begin to sympathize with him. He represents the more compassionate side of chaos and anarchy and does it in a way that can only be described as cool.

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