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Season three of 'Cobra Kai' is here, and the cast is buzzing to share the latest deets. Karate chop your way into the new season by reading all about it!

Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’: The cast explains the latest season

No need to “wax on, wax off” this series . . . it’s already perfectly polished. Just ask the Cobra Kai cast! 

Netflix’s Cobra Kai has released its third season on their streaming app, giving fans of the series, which is canon with the 1980s Karate Kid movies, a reason to rejoice as they once again enter the world or dojo of Johnny & Daniel. 

If you haven’t jumped on board with Cobra Kai yet, or perhaps watched the first two seasons but have yet to stream the third, here are some of the things the Cobra Kai cast had to say about the third season of the show that will leave you more excited than slipping into a freshly ironed karate gi.

The Karate Kid (1984)

The Karate Kid, directed by John G. Avildsen, starred Ralph Macchio as new-kid Daniel LaRusso and Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi. 

When Daniel & his mom move from New Jersey to Los Angeles, things seem quite intimidating as Daniel tries to find his West-coast footing. Luckily, after meeting Ali (Elisabeth Shue) things don’t seem all that bad, that is until her ex Johnny (William “Billy” Zabka) interferes and picks on the new kid in town. 

Once it’s clear that Johnny has been trained in karate at the Cobra Kai dojo by jerk sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove), Daniel seeks the guidance of the wise Mr. Miyagi in hopes that’ll he’ll train him in the art of karate in order to fight Billy in an upcoming local tournament. Ultimately, Daniel defeats Johnny, going on to face other threats in later sequels. 

Cobra Kai

Originally launched by YouTube Red in 2018, Cobra Kai told the story of Johnny, long after the events of The Karate Kid as he lives his day-to-day life as a handyman in L.A.

After losing his job, Johnny defends a local high school boy Miguel from a band of bullies. Perhaps reflecting on his own past, Johnny decides to re-open and re-brand the Cobra Kai dojo in hopes to restore not only confidence in his students but to find purpose in his own life. 

Daniel LaRusso, in the meantime, works as a successful owner of a car dealership. His life, however, is also a bit like Johnny when it comes to human connection, as he searches for ways to connect with his own children. Ultimately, Johnny & Daniel’s paths meet once more, as do multiple returning characters played by their original actors from The Karate Kid franchise as the Cobra Kai series goes along. 

The cast explains the latest season

Cobra Kai season 3, which debuted on Netflix on January 1, 2021, has already been met with much praise by both critics & fans. If you haven’t given Cobra Kai a chance yet, listen to what some of the cast has to say about this exciting third season of the hit pun intended martial arts comedy-drama series. 

“Everyone comes with their ‘A’ game,” says Ralph Macchio. “Having that Okinawa section in this coming season is really quite beautiful and it forms a side of LaRusso that you don’t know. Expect the unexpected!” 

“Johnny’s got some righteous anger at his old sensei Kreese after stealing his dojo,” explains Billy Zabka. “It’s definitely an emotional journey and a fun ride for all of us in the cast, and the directions that we take to this incredible crescendo at the end of season three.” 

“When I first heard Hawk’s arc for season three I was pretty shocked,” says Hawk actor Jacob Bertrand. “He has a little bit of a struggle, you know, with one of his best friends presumed dead at the start of the season. I’m really excited for everybody to see Hawk with Kreese and the new Cobra Kai that is under Kreese’s thumb.”

“In season three, after the school fight (season two), Tori is just taking space from everything,” explains actress Peyton List. “She doesn’t have time to go to Cobra Kai anymore, and when Kreese shows up at her house he’s really the only adult figure in her life that is there for her.” 

What are your thoughts about season three of Cobra Kai? Do the opinions of the cast excite you even more? Perhaps deflate your excitement? Comment below and let us know.  

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