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The iconic children's story 'Clifford the Big Red Dog' is getting a movie with a terrifying CGI dog. Check out the best memes on Twitter.

‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ drops a teaser: Twitter already has memes

Clifford the Big Red Dog is a character we all know and love from growing up. Whether you had the picture books read to you at bedtime or you watched the PBS show, you know all about the giant canine with a heart just as big.

It turns out Clifford is the next animated character to be receiving the live-action treatment. Yep, feel free to groan out loud – we did too. Some people thought the fiery red dog looked just fine in the teaser and others thought he looked a little more like a demon dog. Meanwhile, most can agree the dog has gotten a serious & disappointing down-size.

Here are all of Twitter’s best reactions to the movie teaser.


This tweet contains the original 19 second teaser for the Clifford Movie, just so you know what we’re talking about here.

He’s bigger than that

The whole point of Clifford is that he is stunningly enormous. It’s what makes him magical. This Clifford wouldn’t even make an English Mastiff breeder bat an eye.

Lookin’ a bit off

We realize that he’s literally just a dog with funny color fur, but why does it look so wrong? He really does look like he’s covered in something like blood. 🩸

That actually . . . works?

Honestly that seems way more fitting. We’d also be very interested in watching this particular movie.

Why are we so confused?

They gave us exactly what was advertised. So why do we feel like this was just plain bad? 

Some things are just meant to remain animated.

New horror

Turns out the behind the scenes shenanigans were way worse than whatever we just got in the teaser trailer. Maybe we should just chill out. In the brilliant words of Twitter user @Stelly “Why does he look like a Croc that gained sentience through dark witchcraft?”

That seems right

We know they didn’t use a real dog, but he definitely just looks like a color tinted golden retriever.

This Twitter user later said they hope this Tweet ends up in a Buzzfeed reaction article – well, we got you halfway there. 🤷

Asking the right questions

It’s less a matter of “wow these animators aren’t good at their job” and more of a situation where some things just aren’t meant to look realistic. Animation is the perfect medium to make impossible things that don’t feel like nightmare fuel.

Stitch is literally described as being terrifying & scary in the movies. Of course he’s going to be horrifying when they CGI him to look real, which is exactly why they should just axe the project now.

We don’t want it

Taking animated things and making them “real” takes a lot of their heart, personality, & endearing qualities and chucks them out the window. He’s just a normal dog that looks spray painted. He’s missing his goofy smile & giant excited eyes.

Granted, he’d look awful if they had tried to keep those.


His name is Clifford the Big Red Dog and that is exactly what we got. Maybe we made this into a bit of an anthill into a mountain situation.

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