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Christine Quinn from 'Selling Sunset' is rumored to spend $1,000 per day on hair and makeup. So, exactly how much is she worth?

How much money is Christine Quinn making after ‘Selling Sunset’?

The cast of Netflix’s hot-rageous Selling Sunset reality show is made up of a group of several women, real estate agents of the Oppenheim Group, in the Los Angeles area as they attempt to sell high-end properties while the cameras also follow along with their personal lives. Considered to be the queen bee of the group, Christine Quinn is well-known for stirring up drama with the other women.

Infamous Inamorata

Quinn is notorious with fans for her habit of wearing only the costliest designer duds on Selling Sunset. She regularly sports her finest clothes when showing houses to clients. Quinn has also been seen sporting elaborate hair and makeup looks when out at a showing, and has been known to coordinate her hair & clothing to match certain homes. 

Fans often comment about how Quinn seems to be the “mean girl”on the show, flaunting her wealth and starting drama with her co-stars. She’s gotten into fights with nearly everyone on the show, and continuously passes judgments on her co-stars’ personal relationships.

The real “real”

Quinn also received criticism from those who suspect that Selling Sunset might not be as “real” as its “reality show” title makes it out to be. The show was created by Adam DiVello, who also created MTV’s The Hills, which was known for having multiple fake storylines. Before turning to real estate, Quinn was an actress with roles in Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Shark Night 3D, and Sasq-Watch!

The second season of Selling Sunset hit Netflix in early 2020 and was met with immediate approval. The third season of the reality smash dropped in early August 2020. While some critics have slammed the show for being too drama-heavy, fans love the show for the unique way that it combines Bravo-style interactions with the luxurious accoutrements of wealthy lifestyles. 

In the past few months, ever since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced many people indoors, the show has become more popular than ever. A stunning blonde with a talent for matching rich buyers with their perfect property, Quinn married millionaire tech businessman Christian Richard in December 2019 and their opulent wedding was featured in the season 3 finale of Selling Sunset.

Growing net worth

Since Selling Sunset has only been on Netflix for a year, the stars of the show are only moderately well known. As such, it’s hard to accurately estimate what their net worths truly are. House Beautiful estimates Quinn’s net worth to be around $500,000, which is based mostly on her real estate commissions over the years.

Other websites estimate Quinn’s net worth to be up to $2 million, and that’s including more profit from filming the show, posting sponsored ads, and doing photo shoots with brands.

Instagram jam

Quinn frequently posts photos of herself wearing designer brands on Instagram and tags them in her posts, allowing followers to go directly to the brands’ websites to purchase the same things. It’s that type of marketing that influencers utilize to earn money for social media posts – and it’s working.

Whatever Quinn’s net worth is right now, it’s only going up for the near future. One of the most common ways for reality stars to earn money when not filming is by posting on social media. Celebrities can earn thousands of dollars per post if they’re considered an influencer on Instagram. For example, Kim Kardashian West can make over $1 million per Instagram post.

While Christine Quinn isn’t quite up to the level of fame that Kim Kardashian West has, she does have over 1 million followers on Instagram, leading to a generous reach for brands who want advertising. Quinn makes anywhere from $2,289 to $3,816 per Instagram post.

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