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From Sabacc to Baccarat, see which of your favorite film characters love gambling for a chance to win money, respect, or even a beloved ship!

3 Film Characters Who Enjoy Gambling

When a director, writer, or artist creates a fictional character, they have a chance to create a layered portrayal of a person that can speak to audiences in relatable ways while also representing some angles that might not regularly be seen throughout ordinary life. The most memorable characters around tick these boxes, but what also helps to give them depth is when they have their own interests.

When you have universal, real-world interests, such as gambling, it’s interesting to see that reflected in characters, especially when you see that hobby take shape in aspects of their personality throughout their story arcs. As such, diving deep into this topic could reveal characters and films to add to your library.

film characters gambling

Han Solo

If you were to ask a group of people who the most likable and recognizable film character is, it’s safe to say that a few of them might single out Star Wars’ Han Solo. Harrison Ford’s iconic smuggler was charming and charismatic – but that didn’t mean he was perfect, and it’s easy to get the impression at times that he’s willing to bow out of the bigger conflict to save his own skin, even if that dies down as the series progresses.

He also had a penchant for gambling, as could be seen by the fact he won the famous Millenium Falcon in a bet with his friend, Lando. However, the contents and outcome of that game are hinted to be dubious, with the legitimacy of Han’s win in question for some people.

film characters gambling

James Bond

When you have a character like James Bond, who clearly lives a very spontaneous and thrill-seeker lifestyle, it’s no surprise that he enjoys the rush that comes with gambling. Often, it’s not even his decision to get involved, as with outings such as Casino Royale, where the mission dictates that he gets involved. But even then, it’s hard to deny that his visible skills in the gambling scene suggest a predisposition to the activity.

It might be that seeing 007 live it up in glamorous casinos throughout exciting global locations makes you want to get involved yourself. While you might not be able to spontaneously hop on a plane to fancy casinos around the globe, you can look into the best gambling sites to play your favorite games while watching Bond defy the odds.

film characters gambling

Marge Simpson

When you think of a character who enjoys gambling, a certain image might come to your mind – and this image may well have more in line with the swashbuckling smuggler of Han Solo than someone like Marge Simpson. Even so, it’s an interest that doesn’t necessarily abide by those sorts of borders, and it was that kind of character work that made the golden age of The Simpsons the quality show that it was.

The Simpsons episode ‘$pringfield’ was the most notable entry in the series to highlight a passion for gambling, although it went to great lengths to show the degree to which Marge was controlled by this hobby. It’s an important aspect to be aware of, and while many modern gambling ads that you see on TV encourage you to take breaks, it’s advice to be aware of – both with gambling and in terms of any hobby you find yourself absorbed in.

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