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Selection of five excellent casino robbery movies to watch online via streaming. Great cast, a fun plot, and different ways of organizing casino heists.

Top 5 casino robbery movies to watch – Jet Casino Canada

Online casinos like Jet Casino are growing increasingly popular, protecting players with encryption and anonymity. Especially in India, online casinos are more popular than ever, and people are flocking by the thousands to play slots online at sites like narcos slot for example. Back when only land-based casinos were known to most of the public, casino robbery movies were a huge thing. Together with bank assaults, they made the public cheer for the bad guys, who were also protagonists.

Watching any of the top casino robbery movies below for the first time is still an excellent experience, regardless of how much time it has been. They shall remain eternal classics and most certainly be mentioned at least once when talking about action movies. Therefore, do not miss the chance to be versed in complex casino assault plans.

The 5 best casino robbery movies available online

Nowadays, it is really easy to find relatively old movies online, with so many legal streaming options available. That said, being the titles below absolute favorites, rest assured they will be available somewhere.

Ocean’s Eleven (IMDb: 7.7)

Robbing a single casino would not be big enough to suit the ambitions of Danny Ocean. He assembles a team to steal from nothing less than three big casinos. The huge jackpot they want to take home with them? $150 million.

It has a fun plot and counts on an incredible cast, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon – known for being a staunch casino player – and Julia Roberts. In terms of filming, nothing can go wrong. As for the story, you need to watch to find out.

21 (IMDb: 6.9)

There are different ways to steal a casino rather than using violence. Six MIT students are together to clean up several casinos in a row, guided by Micky Rosa. Their weapon? Extreme intelligence with good math skills in blackjack.

It really suits anyone, with even a bit of a romance going in the background. People who never even tried playing blackjack will not feel lost, as that type of knowledge is not necessary to enjoy the plot.

Ocean’s Thirteen (IMDb: 6.9)

No, we are not repeating movies. Ocean’s Thirteen is the third movie on casino heists oriented by Danny Ocean. Action movies getting sequences and repeating the same formula is no surprise, and once again, the cast is one of its highlights.

This time, however, the purpose is not to steal millions of dollars. Things have got personal, and they are all in for revenge against Willy Bank, who just opened a new casino.

3000 Miles to Graceland (IMDb: 6.0)

Neil Jordan created a world of adrenaline for those who love robbery movies. This time, the plan is to rob a casino dressed up as a bunch of Elvis impersonators. Once again, the director knew how to cast the right people for the roles, including Courtney Cox, Kevin Costner, and Christian Slater.

A few million dollars and too much greed on one side will result in a plot twist that you have to watch to check on.

Reindeer Games (IMDb: 5.8)

Participating in a casino heist is only an addition to the long record of an ex-convict. Cast in this movie is Ben Affleck – another celebrity who is fond of poker and blackjack in real-life – Isaac Hayes, Charlize Theron, and other great names of the American cinema.

Assuming the place of his dead cellmate, Rudy will find himself trapped and almost obliged to participate in the casino heist. Believe it or not, all he wanted was to go back home. It seems that it will have to wait.

How to choose good casino robbery movies?

Those 5 titles brought in the article are only a few examples of movies on casino robberies that are worth watching. Pay attention to the fact that their year of release is not mentioned anywhere. Great movies remain an excellent choice for that Saturday night with popcorn, perhaps with a pause for spinning slots on online casinos now and then.

Whenever looking for other movies, try to use the IMDb score as an indication but do not stick to it alone. Read the summary and what other casino movie fans have to say. That is the best way to collect some useful data on titles worth watching.

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