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There are countless, amazing stories about casinos and the people who inhabit them. Check out some of the lesser known casino movies & series you've missed.

You probably didn’t watch these 9 movies & series about casino

For any film to be successful, it needs to have adrenaline, excitement, and an element of chance. This is why movies about casinos have provided some of the most iconic moments in cinema history.

You undoubtedly did watch Maverick, 21, Rounders, Casino, or even Croupier classic movies. So we won’t make another top you have already seen 100500 times. How about these hidden gems featuring some great non GamStop casinos atmosphere?

Here we made a list of movies and TV series which might be interesting for you.

Intacto (Movie)

This Spanish film was released in 2001 and quickly became a cult hit thanks to its complex plot. This film focuses on the concept of luck taking turns between the main characters. They try to test their abilities to succeed against various obstacles, including running a casino and playing Russian roulette.

Intacto was written and directed by acclaimed Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. It won two prestigious Goya Awards, leading Fresnadillo to shoot the “28 Weeks Later” hit film.

The Pelayos (Movie)

On a more lighthearted note, the film The Pelayos, released in 2012, brought a comic-dramatic twist to the casino film genre in Spain. It premiered at the Malaga Film Festival.

It focuses on a local casino and a cast of hapless characters who try to beat the system to make it big and triumph over the casino’s owner – The Beast.

Although the film was met with mixed reviews, it offered a fun, Spanish-style update to films like Oceans Eleven. Just the right amount of inspiration for you to try your luck at online gambling sites.

Torrente 5: Operation Eurovegas (Movie)

Segura, in the latest installment of his blockbuster franchise, also dedicated part of his plot to the world of gambling and casinos in “Torrente 5: Operación Eurovegas”, where Torrente, just out of prison, and his particular team plan a “masterful heist” to rob the main casino-hotel in Eurovegas. The film features the well-known explorer Jesulín, as co-star, in his debut in the cinema.

Luna’s Game (Movie)

This film, directed by Mónica Laguna and starring Ana Torrent, is not well known. Still, it stands out for being the only Spanish film with the world of poker and gambling as the main plot of its story.

We recommend that movie because it has a balanced script and a good acting job by Ana Torrent. She plays a professional poker player, as she has lived the game since her childhood. In addition, we will see one of the first film performances of the actress Dafne Fernández.

Las Vegas (TV)

5 seasons and more than 100 episodes making it the standard-bearer among casino series, despite its open ending full of unknowns due to NBC’s cancellation (the promise of a movie as a conclusion was never fulfilled).

It follows the surveillance team of “The Montecito,” one of the main hotels/casinos in the city of the title. Whether it’s robberies, security alerts, or classic cheaters, the group under the command of Ed Deline (James Caan) must solve all sorts of action-packed and adventurous situations. The cast includes Josh Duhamel, James Lesure, and, among others, Nikki Cox. The appearance of special guests is one of the show’s strong points, with figures ranging from Sylvester Stallone to Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dennis Hopper, and Paris Hilton.

Vega$ (TV)

Created by the enormous Michael Mann and Aaron Spelling, the ABC series follows a private investigator (Robert Urich). He helps solve crimes and make the streets of the gambling empire more livable.

Lots of mystery, action, and guest stars like Eve Arden, Shelley Winters, or the recurring appearance of Tony Curtis as the owner of several Las Vegas casinos. An unforgettable image of Urich driving his red ’57 Ford Thunderbird.

Crime Story (TV)

And to continue with Mann, let’s go on to one of the gems that no serious moviegoer should be unaware of. Created by him but developed by Chuck Adamson and Gustave Reininger, it is considered one of the best series of the 1980s.

Set in the 1960s, it chronicles the war between Lieutenant Mike Torello (Dennis Farina) and mobster Ray Luca (Anthony Denison) in their relentless struggle to destroy each other.

From Chicago to Las Vegas, its episodes feature a host of A-list stars: Ted Levine, Joseph Wiseman, Andrew Clay, Stephen Lang, David Carusso, Kevin Spacey, Stanley Tucci, Billy Campbell, and, among others, Julia Roberts in her first TV appearance.

The 2-hour pilot episode directed by Abel Ferrara even has its own DVD edition. There are two special merits to Crime Story:

  1. It is considered as the basis for serialized fiction, leaving aside the usual procedural aspect of this kind of series, something continued and deepened by dramas like The Sopranos;
  2. Martin Scorsese acknowledged that elements of the series served as inspiration for his acclaimed film Casino (1995).

Blackpool (TV)

A British miniseries nominated for a Bafta TV and Golden Globe, Blackpool was a strange mix of genres: comedy, drama, police, and even musicals. It follows an entrepreneur who sets up uk bingo sites not on gamstop and gambling parlour in a small town on the English coast.

However, the colour and noise will soon be shaken: as in other series (see The Killing, for example), the place has been marked as ideal for a crime. So the appearance of a corpse will shake up all the local inhabitants.

The cast includes the likes of David Morrissey (The Walking Dead), Sarah Parish, and David Tennant. A sequel film was made in 2006 called Viva Blackpool, which led to the series mentioned below.

Viva Laughlin (TV)

American series based on the film just mentioned. The honour of being starred and produced by none other than Hugh Jackman pales in comparison to the dishonour of being the first cancelled series of the 2007 television season.

It was announced with great fanfare for having a Hollywood megastar (when that was not as common as it is today). But, this hybrid of musical and cop show lasted only two episodes due to the low ratings. It told the story of a family and how they ran a run-down casino in Las Vegas. The cast also included Melanie Griffith.

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