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A long shooting won't only bring you impressive work but also tiredness on your wrists and back. Find out how a camera side handle can improve your work.

A Camera Side Handle Gives You the Most Comfortable Shooting Experience

A long-time shooting will not only bring you impressive work but also cause tiredness on your wrists and back, as you need to hold the heavy camera with a bunch of accessories attached while adjusting the camera shooting angle by changing gestures and positions. The accumulating tiredness may expose you to the potential risk of suffering from tenosynovitis and spondylosis. But you don’t need to panic about those problems since there is an effective solution: a camera side handle! This magical camera handle can ease your creation by providing you with comfort in holding your camera, stable shooting, and extra mounts for attaching more accessories.

Camera Side Handle: Here’s Why You Need It

Spending long hours shooting can put a strain on your wrists, hands, and spine. If you are currently suffering from pain, here is how you may find relief from their symptoms by using a camera handle: The camera side handle can release tension around those areas while providing the following benefits:

Ergonomic Design

This is a major key factor of a camera side handle, which allows you to have a comfortable experience while filming. The silicone-covered handle makes you feel like holding leather, and you won’t feel pain while gripping the handle firmly. 

Stable Holding 

With the use of a camera side handle, you’re able to make sure your masterpiece is free from any shakiness, which would potentially ruin the footage. Since you’re gripping on the handle of the side handle instead of how you would typically hold a camera, this results in a more stable shot.

Anti-Slip Handle

Investing in a camera side handle is ideal for protecting your precious camera from falling out of your hands. The silicone material has increased the friction, endowing the camera side handle with non-slip and anti-sweat features.

Convenient Vertical Shooting

Vertical video has become a standard format for generating and viewing videos on platforms like Tiktok. Most people prefer to watch videos on their smartphones in vertical mode since it is the most natural way to hold a phone in their hand. It’s also more convenient for the content creator to film the video in vertical format or convert it in post-production. A camera side handle can transfer to a top handle in vertical shooting, helping you hold the camera more firmly in a comfortable way and contributing to producing a smooth and stable video.

In a word, the side handle allows you to hold and shoot in a more ergonomic way to achieve a smooth and comfortable filming experience.

SmallRig Rotating NATA Handle: The Ultimate Choice

As one of the leading companies that supply useful gadgets for cameras, SmallRig launches the Rotating NATO Handle for the lack of cost-effective camera side handle in the market. The keywords of the SmallRig Rotating NATO Handle (Left Side) 3260 are comfortable, functional, durable, and convenient: 

  • Comfortable: The SmallRig side handle is ergonomically built with a soft silicone surface feel, giving you a more comfortable gripping.
  • Functional: It supports 360-degree rotation by tapping a simple button. Also, the handle has 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded holes, as well as a cold shoe for easy accessory connection
  • Durable: The handle is designed with the material of aluminium alloy and silicone to provide non-slip and sweat-proof function, safeguarding your camera from damage.
  • Convenient: The NATO clamp mount allows for quick assembly and disassembly.


SmallRig Rotating NATO Handle 3260 can give you the most comfortable shooting experience. Its advantages of ergonomics design, steady grip, anti-slip, and convenience towards vertical shooting make it the best choice for you. 

SmallRig is an enterprise that specializes in photography and videography accessories for cameras. Mounts, clamps, stabilizers adapters, and other accessories for major cameras like Sony, Canon, Fujifilm, and others are provided. 

SmallRig’s products have become market bestsellers, demonstrating the popularity of its high-quality products. Another aspect to consider is that the most well-known film influencers who have previously associated with them are huge fans of SmallRig’s products and services. If you want further information about their useful gadgets, feel free to contact them, and SmallRig will provide the products you need and their warm professional services.

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