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There's nothing that gets us hot and bothered more than the spoon lick scene from 'Bridgerton'. Satisfy yourself even more with its origin story.

Where did the iconic ‘Bridgerton’ spoon lick originate?

Don’t we all love a bit of coquettish flourish in our period dramas? It seems that the infamous Bridgerton “spoon scene” is just that. Fans of the series nearly shattered into a million pieces when they witnessed actor Regé-Jean Page seductively (and quite slowly) lick off the remnants of his sweet dessert. Our protagonist Daphne was definitely not the only one close to losing their cool.    

Bridgerton creators have always been open about exploring female desire within the historical drama. The show pushes the boundaries on the conventional goal of pleasing male viewers, but on the contrary, Bridgerton seems to target their lustful moments for women. See the creators’ dissection of not only the “spoon scene”, but also the rest of Bridgerton’s steamy scenes. 

Creating “thirsty moments” for the female gaze 

Showrunner Chris Van Dusen revealed that the writers had a sensational time writing the steamy slow-motion spoon lick moment. “The spoon lick was scripted and those were some of the best days in the writers’ room that I can remember,” he told Entertainment Weekly

He continued: “We challenged ourselves to come up with these, we called them ‘thirsty’ moments, and the spoon was one of them. We had such fun in the room pitching on those ideas and there were so many. There’s so many more to come in the series as well.”

Series director Julie Ann Robinson has previously explained that Bridgerton’s sex scenes were deliberately created with the authentic female gaze in mind. In an interview with Deadline, Robinson explained, “I think that it’s impossible to talk about female gaze without exploring issues of sex and power.”

“So I was very interested in Daphne’s journey in the episodes, and seeing something that is normally told through one set of eyes, seeing it through another set of eyes,” she added. Well, we can certainly feel Daphne’s passion as we witness her lascivious perspective of Simon during tea time. 

Scandalous plans for season 2 of Bridgerton

Showrunner Van Dusen has shared with EW his excitement for unveiling Bridgerton’s second season. “It’s really getting me so excited for what audiences are going to see,” he said. “We’re going to be back with an even greater escape to 19th-century London. It’s still just as scandalous and just as escapist as the first season.”

He revealed season 2 will actually center on Anthony, the eldest Bridgerton, and his tumultuous journey. He detailed, “We left Anthony at a bit of a crossroads at the end of season 1. He had just been through this relationship, if you want to even call it that, with his mistress Sienna, and he enters this season knowing he has to find a wife.”

Anthony certainly has a steamy introduction and a dramatic journey that follows. However, Van Dusen assured viewers that Anthony’s character will find resolve, explaining: “We first met him up against a tree with his mistress and over the course of the season,  we saw him make mistakes, and we came to understand why he was making those mistakes, which I think has just set him up so perfectly for season 2.” 

“We’re taking Anthony to some really fantastic and complicated places. We fully broke him at the end of season 1, and now, we get to put him back together in a way that I think makes him all the better for it,” the showrunner concluded.

If Van Dusen is right about season two being just as scandalous as the first, then we’re certainly in for a wild ride. What “thirsty moments” killed you in season one of Bridgerton? What characters do you want to see get flirtatious in season 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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