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Rumors have begun to spread about a 'Breakfast Club' reunion. Uncover the story and see which actors are down for a sequel to the iconic 80s movie.

Will these actors from ‘The Breakfast Club’ reunite?

In the whirlwind of reboots, remakes, sequels, and prequels swirling about every day, any forced new installment of a classic seems possible. We are living in the age of the remake, and it’s only a matter of time until Citizen Kane 2: Grab the Kane comes to theaters & streaming simultaneously.

Coming to America had a second installment come in 2021, making gen Xers wonder if any classic 80s movie is sacred enough to be left untouched by the ravenous studios of the 2020s. We tend to think not, and news this week gave every indication one of the 1980s’ most iconic teen movies isn’t safe from a reboot. 

Yes, folks, we’re talking about The Breakfast Club. The movie defined a movement of kitchy coming-of-age movies in the 80s, making cinema purists wonder, how the hell could they remake The Breakfast Club? Here’s the tea.

Anthony Michael Hall

This week, The Hollywood Reporter dropped a story making 80s teen movie superfans jump out of their seats with the prospect of a follow up to 1985’s classic The Breakfast Club. The story involves some of the actors from the iconic film, as well as its celebrated king of heartfelt drama of the time, director John Hughes.

One of the main actors from The Breakfast Club has presented the story, which involves a candid conversation he had with Hughes back in the late 80s following the film’s release. You may remember Anthony Michael Hall from The Breakfast Club, along with a slew of equally iconic 80s fare like 1983’s National Lampoon’s Vacation, 1984’s Sixteen Candles, and 1985’s Weird Science.

Hall plays the nerdy Brian among star actors of the time like Molly Ringwald & Emilio Estevez. Hall told interviewers with The Independent that he & Hughes had a falling out after the actor’s career took off in the mid 80s until Hughes passed away in 2009. However, the last time the two spoke, a future film in the Breakfast Clubverse was discussed.


Reports say Hall & Hughes last talked in 1987, without any other actors from The Breakfast Club, on the phone. 

Hall is quoted saying, “At that time, he did mention the potential of doing a sequel to The Breakfast Club . . . It would have been all of us in our middle-age. His idea was to pick up with them in their twenties or thirties. That [idea] was on his mind, but that was the last conversation I had with him”.

However, with John Hughes passing in 2009, it seems unlikely all the actors would come together for a sequel from such a pivotal moment in their careers without The Breakfast Club captain. Although reports say actors Emilio Estevez & Molly Ringwald would consider coming back for a sequel, statements are from a time before Hughes’s passing.

If it happens, I’m there

Around 2005, four years before Hughes’s passing, Emilio Estevez told the Moviefone blog he would be back if a sequel ever came around. 

Estevez is quoted as saying, “John’s got an idea for a sequel — mature aged students at college, all doing time again — for some reason or another . . . The twist would be that we’re all the polar opposites of how we were in the original . . . If it happens, I’m there”.

The subject of a Breakfast Club sequel comes from Anthony Michael Hall’s press promoting his role in the recently released Halloween Kills. Hall’s role in Kills categorically leaves him ready & willing to appear in sequels for decades-old cult hits. However, it appears as long as John Hughes is unable to direct, the jury is out on whether the other classic actors from The Breakfast Club would reunite for a sequel.

What’s your favorite moment from The Breakfast Club? Drop the best detention moment in the comments below!

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