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One of the movies inspired by a country’s culture is 'Brave'. Dive into the magical world Disney created and why we all love 'Brave'.

The famous Disney movie Brave and its cultural roots

We all know and love Disney movies because of the way they take us to magical places while teaching important lessons. But how about the cultural aspects of some of these magical movies? One of the movies inspired by a country’s culture is “Brave”. Released in 2012, this captivating tale takes viewers to the rugged and mystical landscapes of Scotland. With its storytelling, strong-willed protagonist, and complex visuals, “Brave” showcased the vibrant culture of Scotland, while entertaining the public. In this article, we want to take a look at the Scottish roots of this iconic Disney movie and see the ways in which it celebrated Scotland’s heritage. Read along and make sure you check out Disney+ for more magical movies like this one.

The setting

From the hills of the Highlands to the ancient castles and mysterious lochs, the setting of “Brave” is highly inspired by the stunning landscapes of Scotland. The movie captures the essence of the country, showcasing its breathtaking beauty and highlighting the significance of nature in Scottish culture. The DunBroch forest and the standing stones are an example of setting inspired clearly by Scottish scenery and it makes viewers want to explore it themselves. Since the movie was released, it has inspired countless viewers to explore these landscapes and check out Scotland’s beauty. So if you’re curious about these places, make sure you get the next flight to Scotland and have your “brave” trip.

Cultural Traditions

Moving on to the traditions portrayed in the movie and their accuracy to Scottish ones, let’s see what we really find out about Scotland. “Brave” did a great job showcasing Scottish traditions, providing a closer look into the country’s vibrant heritage. The film includes elements such as traditional Scottish music, attire, and Highland games, bringing to life the Scottish culture for the public to see. Moreover, the movie tackles ancient myths and legends, including the concept of the will-o’-the-wisps and the portrayal of magical creatures like the wisps themselves and the legendary Mor’du. These traditional Scottish pieces emphasize the connection between the film and its Scottish roots. If it caught your attention, make sure you do your little immersion in Scotland’s culture with some traditional Scottish gifts as to celebrate the Scotland and its hritage. These could bring you closer to Merida, her Scottish roots and the culture itself.


Finishing off with the most charming part of the movie, the fearless and determined Princess Merida, whose fiery spirit and iconic red hair have become symbols of the movie. Merida was created to embody the spirit of Scotland, defying conventions and challenging usual expectations. Her journey with her mother and shaping her own destiny adds themes of individuality and the importance of staying true to oneself, values that reflect the Scottish spirit of independence and self-determination. Also, Kelly Macdonald, the voice of Merida, and most of the other actors in the cast have Scottish accents, adding more authenticity to the movie and to the full Scottish atmosphere.

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