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The only thing cooler than the 'James Bond' franchise are the gadgets James Bond uses to complete missions! Let's talk about gear. . . spy gear.

James Bond Gadgets: Real or Fiction?

It is undeniable that James Bond gadgets are some of the most iconic in cinematic history. From the Aston Martin DB5 with ejector seat to Q’s lab, 007 has had access to some of the coolest and most advanced technology available.

But how realistic are these devices? Could they actually exist in real life? One of the common themes that are used in Bond gadgets is something many of us overlook.

A huge number of them appear to use compressed air. The experts at Direct Air have revealed just how realistic these items are and what needs to be done to adapt them for practical use.

james bond gadgets

Why are James Bond’s Gadgets So Popular?

The James Bond franchise first started in 1962 with Dr. No and has been going strong ever since, releasing a new movie every few years.

The gadgets that are used by the main character have always seemed to be very popular among audiences everywhere because they can seem so realistic despite being fictional at their core.

There is a high demand for these items that can be seen by the number of people who come out to see every new James Bond movie as well as those fans who collect toys, models, and various other memorabilia. The franchise has done an excellent job at creating gadgets that seem so incredibly realistic despite their fictional nature.

james bond gadgets

Most of the time people only buy these items as a novelty but some would love to have them in case they ever need their help for something, which is quite an interesting thought since it shows just how much influence James Bond has on society and how he can be seen almost like someone that could walk off the screen and into the real world.

james bond gadgets

The World Is Not Enough-Avalanche Ski Jacket

Bond uses an avalanche jacket while skiing in The World is Not Enough. The jacket he wears has a special metal pocket that reflects signals away from electronic tracking devices, similar to how dogs can’t track you if they cannot smell your scent.

But this isn’t the only feature. To protect the wearer from injury, or even death, a protective dome is formed when signal by the user to do so. Think of a zorb ball, the whole thing inflates, leaving the wearer looking like a giant golf ball, but safe from hazardous impact.

But will these ever be available to the masses? Well, it isn’t impossible.

james bond gadgets

The experts have stated that this could be operated similarly to an emergency dinghy or lifejacket. When a toggle is pulled or a button is pushed, compressed air can be released at extreme speeds to quickly inflate our giant golf ball jacket.

However, this air needs to be stored somewhere and an item of this size can not be concealed easily. In the movie, there is no hint at an air canister and the pockets may be big, but not big enough!

So while it can be made, you might have to wheel a canister of air with you, not very practical while skiing away from the bad guys.

james bond gadgets

Tomorrow Never Dies-Grappling Hook

One of the coolest, yet simplest gadgets in the franchise. Colonel Wai Lin wears what appears to be a statement silver bangle. However, when activated, it shoots a grappling iron claw that possesses enough grip to hook onto a metal post.

While we may not have much use for this in everyday life, we have to admit, it’s pretty cool. But is it practical?

Again, the issue with air storage is brought up. The grappling hook requires enough power behind it to reach its target. This dainty accessory certainly can’t hold enough compressed air to do so.

james bond gadgets

But this could be rectified, providing you are willing to connect your new grabbling bracelet to tubes that are attached to air canisters, perhaps concealed within a jacket and connected through your sleeves. Although the urgency of this kind of task may mean a bracelet grappling hook isn’t worth the hassle.

james bond gadgets

Thunderball-Underwater Spear Gun

Spearguns aren’t new and are often used in fishing. This being said, 007 needs to refine his use. In reality, when hunters dive with their spearguns, they don’t need to carry any extra equipment or adapt pneumatic guns to work underwater.

We are happy to say a responsible adult can own their very own underwater speargun just like Bond!

james bond gadgets

Thoughts From The Expert

“While 007’s gadgets are undoubtedly awesome, in reality, the less thrilling element of health and safety seems to have been forgotten in the Bond movies. Many of Bond’s gadgets require the air to be inhaled by Bond himself.

Breathing in compressed air after compression is actually incredibly harmful and anyone who knows their way around this kind of equipment would never recommend doing so. Safety aside, the practical side of these gadgets don’t seem to line up.

As a secret agent, the ability to be undetected is crucial. The sound levels of compressed air can be anywhere from 35 decibels to upwards of 120 decibels. Not only will this give away anyone’s position, but the higher levels can cause permanent damage if the correct PPC isn’t worn!

james bond gadgets

Overall, while incredibly cool, these gadgets are simply not practical in the real world and anyone wanting to make copycats needs to seriously consider the health and safety element.” -Richard Brown, Senior Sales Engineer, Direct Air.

james bond gadgets

Final Thoughts

Although many of Bond’s gadgets are incredibly cool and would be a blast to own, they seem impractical. The health and safety risks that come with these items may not outweigh the excitement factor. It doesn’t seem like it will happen soon  without some major changes!

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