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Zorbing is a very fun and exciting activity. We'll explain one of the basic things related to the Zorb ball: how a beginner should wear a zorb ball.

How to wear a Zorb ball? Complete guide

Zorbing is a very fun and exciting activity. It is increasingly popular day by day. Increased people are starting zorbing. These new people are often confused about some small and basic things related to zorbing.

This article will explain one of the basic things related to the Zorb ball: how a beginner should wear a zorb ball.

Importance of wearing a Zorb ball the right way

Wearing a zorb ball might not seem like the most important thing. However, it is the first step required for zorbing the right way. Think of wearing a zorb ball-like, wearing your shoes for going on a run. Is it the most important thing? Maybe not; however, one cannot complete their run if their shoelaces are open or their feet do not slide in their shoes properly. Similarly, putting on the zorb ball correctly is essential.

The proper way to wear a zorb ball

The right way of wearing a zorbing ball depends on the type and build of the ball. Hence, we recommend checking the guide that comes with your rolling ball. There are tons of videos on the internet that highlight people how to wear zorbing balls.

1. Unpacking

Always be careful and do not forget to unpack and open the inflatable item. Use the appropriate tool. Do not pull or pull the inflatable boat in place as there is a risk of burns / holes due to fretting. Do not open a large inflatable boat alone. Always ask for help. Fully deploy / roll the inflatable, then inflate the inflatable.

2. Wear it on the spot

You are going for zorbing in the closest park that is maybe a few minutes away. Take your rolling ball with you and put it on in the park or the area where you are going for zorbing. Do not get in the ball at home or in the car. This could damage your ball if there is anything sharp around you.

3. Put it on in an open space

Closed spaces are a total no for zorbing balls. Zorbing balls can get damaged if you are in a confined space. At the location of your zorbing, make sure that there is enough room around you to get inside the ball freely. Do not consider your size when you want to wear the ball. Because the ball is going to grow much bigger afterward, keep the size of the ball in mind. Moreover, small dressing booths in public parks are also not the best place to wear a zorbing ball.

4. Mind the sharp objects

Sharp objects are not friends of zorbing balls. Make sure that when you are wearing the ball, there is no sharp object pushing against the ball’s surface. People often ignore small objects such as knives, especially if you are going for zorbing and camping in an open field. Small and points stones and pebbles are also harmful and can potentially harm your zorb ball.

5. Get inside the ball

The step depends totally on the preference of the person. We cannot tell people what’s the right way of putting on a jacket. However, we can tell what the wrong way is or how not to do it. This notion also applies to zorbing balls. Just ensure that nothing is restricting the ball when you put the air in the next step

6. Pump in the air

Set up your air pump next to the zorbing ball and follow your manufacturer’s instructions. This step is crucial to the zorbing. Do not pump over or under the recommended limit of your ball.

7. Wear the harnesses

Harnesses are there in the ball to keep the person in place when there are hurdles along the way. Some people think that they do not need the harnesses, but beginners shouldn’t overlook them.

8. Get an extra pair of hands

There is no shame in asking for a little help. If you are dealing with a large inflated bubble ball, then a helper would be useful to get you inside the ball and ensure that everything goes down smoothly.

9. Operating the ball

Once the zorb ball is inflated and the user is locked inside, the operator can release the zorb for use, whether downhill or on flat land. If you want to use the Zorb ball for a conventional Zorb (downhill), slide it. Aqua Zorbing balls can be filled with as much water as the user needs. Make sure the plug / plug is in place. The stopper is for the safety of the user and prevents the user from unintentionally leaving the Zorb. It also retains water inside for maximum impact on activity and experience.

10. Note the temperature and weight limits

Budget Zorb should ideally not be used at temperatures below 14 degrees. Also, the standard should not be used at temperatures below 11 degrees. Commercial and deluxe grades should not be used at temperatures below 0 ° C. However, this is explained at the operator’s discretion. This is just a guide. The weight limits are as follows: The budget zorb has a weight limit of 11 stone and the standard zorb has a weight limit of 12 stones. The Commercial and Deluxe Zorb is a real TPU, so the commercial and deluxe weight limit is 18 stones and the weight limit is 20 stones. Email us for more information on weight limits (depending on all installed harnesses and Zorb models).

11. Read the instruction manual and guides

Most people throw away the paperwork that comes along with the zorbing ball. We do not expect people to read it, but taking an overlook might prove useful and save you some trouble later.

Kameymall zorbing balls

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Wearing a zorbing ball properly is more important than it might sound. Follow our guide to ensure your safety and zero compromises on your experience. We recommend our readers to visit Kameymall if they want to buy zorbing balls.

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