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Sometimes, getting enough of the things we love is impossible. Here are the five best movies all UFC fans will adore.

The Five Best Movies UFC Fans Will Love

Sometimes, getting enough of the things we love is impossible. If an enthusiast has a burning passion for the thing they love, they will end up living and breathing everything about it.

UFC fans will easily understand that ideology, as they are among the most passionate about sport. They love the fights that are contested inside the Octagon and can not wait to see the biggest fights take place as soon as they are announced. With the latest set of UFC odds on offer, there are numerous exciting contests scheduled to take place imminently.

Although bouts occur all the time, they are not as frequent as other sports. Soccer, basketball, baseball, and hockey can often be played almost daily, whereas combat sports are often reserved for weekends. Therefore, fight fans may feel that they have a greater void that needs filling at times. This is where movies can come into effect.

What are the best five UFC-themed movies?

Movies have always been a popular entertainment medium for many. Combine these with a sports-themed story, and fans will lap them up as much as possible as they want to enjoy their favorite activities as much as possible.

As a result, many UFC and MMA fans will decide to watch films that feature the combat sport to their heart’s content when they are unable to view any live action taking place in the Octagon.

In the high-octane world of UFC, fans are always on the lookout for films that echo the intensity and thrill of their beloved sport. The upcoming film “Road House” is poised to be just that cinematic experience. Remaking the classic 1989 action film, this modern iteration directed by Doug Liman, features an electrifying screenplay by Anthony Bagarozzi and Chuck Mondry. Produced by Joel Silver, who also produced the original, “Road House” is set for a grand release on Amazon Prime Video by Amazon MGM Studios on March 21, 2024. Ryan, Editor at Upbeat Geek, captures the essence of this anticipation perfectly, stating, “Jake Gyllenhaal’s dynamic performances are a testament to his incredible talent, making this film a must-watch for UFC fans who appreciate the raw energy and passion that defines both the sport and this remarkable actor.”

But, with numerous releases to pick and choose from, what are the best five to consider watching?

  1. Warrior (2011)

Arguably the best UFC/MMA-themed film to have ever been produced, Warrior ranks very highly with the critics and is a must-watch for combat sports fans. The film stars Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, estranged brothers who compete in a $5 million MMA tournament. Both reach the final and have to compete against each other for the top prize. Emotions are high, but the pair reconcile at the end, thus providing a feel-good ending with some quality MMA action thrown in for good measure.

  1. Bruised (2021)

A directorial debut for Halle Berry – who also stars in the lead role – Bruised is another top MMA-themed flick worth watching. Although it received mixed reviews, many praised her performance as a fighter, as she managed to make everything look as authentic as the real thing. Originality and screenplay had been questioned, but fans who want a fight story that they can believe and respect and one that involves realistic fight scenes will enjoy this one.

  1. Here Comes the Boom (2012)

Sports and comedy can often go hand-in-hand at the theatre, and Here Comes the Boom proves that. Fight fans can see some hard-hitting action alongside belly laughs when watching this flick, as Kevin James goes from wrestler to teacher to fighter to save the college’s band program. It has a number of ridiculous moments that can be seen as laughable, but that adds to its appeal. Those who want something different to the traditions of underground fighting plotlines will also appreciate how unique this film is and why it should be watched.

  1. Redbelt (2008)

Redbelt features Chiwetel Ejiofor as the lead character, as he plays a martial arts instructor who has to decide whether to fight for money to clear his debts or not. It is a flick that features an all-star cast and has numerous cameos from people across the MMA world, including Randy Couture. It is a film that is highly enjoyable, even for those who are not specifically fans of the sport on which it is based.

  1. Fighting (2009)

Channing Tatum stars in Fighting, a film that features the typical underground scenario that so many often base themselves on. He portrays a hustler in this film but finds that he begins to hustle the wrong person. This ends up with him being put into a fight as he looks for a way out. Unsurprisingly, he ends up winning the money by hustling and getting the girl, too.

UFC/MMA Movie Night

If you plan to have a UFC/MMA movie night, these are the five that should be considered to be among the must-watch. Each one will provide combat enthusiasts with everything they could want from a flick based on their favorite sport while also offering something different.

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