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The best TV series of the century, 'Game of Thrones' has managed to break all the barriers. Here's why fans love this show.

Game of Thrones – Best TV Show of 21st Century

Named the best series of the century, Game of Thrones has managed to break all the barriers that were previously set in the TV show industry. Even though for some fans the last season was disappointing, according to the results of the vote, conducted by Digital Spy magazine it managed to surpass everyone. The results published on the Daily Mail website, British audiences have recognized Game of Thrones as the main show of the last century. On the second place was the series Stranger Thing and the ranking was closed by Doctor Who.

The top ten shows also included such projects as Sherlock, Breaking Bad, The Great British Bake Off, Killing Eve, Gavin & Stacey, Line of Duty and Chernobyl.

In May 2019, it became known that the final episode of the last, eighth season of Game of Thrones was watched more than 19.3 million times, which is a record number of views for the HBO channel – where the project was broadcast.

Later, the Game of Thrones show set another record. The series received 32 Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Drama and ten acting nominations. The previous record was held for 25 years by NYPD Blue, which received 27 nominations in 1994. 

What makes GOT even more impressive is the impact of lore. You can check this site to find out more relevant information about different kingdoms, events and characters that have contributed to the popularity of the show.

Respondents were asked to choose from 150 series and TV shows that were released after 2000. However, we should also note that fans have discovered a serious “loophole” in the plot of the last season of the Game of Thrones series, which could significantly change the course of events. In the show, dragonglass has properties capable of killing White Walkers. In the final season, Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, finds his deposit during a visit to the family nest of Daenerys, played by Emilia Clarke. Reddit users noted that it could be used to make arrows, which would be of great help in the battle with the White Walkers.

On July 27, it was reported that actress Sophie Turner, known to viewers for her role as Sansa Stark in the TV series Game of Thrones, gave birth to a child. The girl who was born on July 22 became the first child for the 24-year-old actress and her 30-year-old husband, musician Joe Jonas.

What is Game of Thrones so Popular?

Many highbrow viewers – philosophers and culturologists – admit that they are not ashamed to watch Game of Thrones. And it’s not about the formal components of success. Big budget (the budget for half of the seasons of was $ 320 million), a strong literary source – a cycle of mystical novels “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George Martin, a charismatic play of actors and the music which is the same as the film narrative, already sorted into soundtracks and radio screensavers, TV and theater.

This infinity can be compared to a civilizational spiral. Everything goes to life without good and evil. It’s about the 25th frame. It is behind the scenes, like an aftertaste, that an important message remains – there are no positive and negative characters in the film, and therefore good conquers evil, but then it evolves into evil itself, and it is defeated by the next good, which evolves again. The viewer already guesses in what and to what infinity.

However, it must be recognized that the audience is different. The one that follows the intrigue is satisfied with three storylines. They are simple – who will sit on the Iron Throne, whether the deposed princess will return the throne and whether the ancient brotherhood will save the world. And here fantasy, stylized as the Middle Ages, endows dragons and the dead with high intelligence, dead cipher languages ​​and a passion for bloodbaths with dismemberment and erotica, for which Game of Thrones is already called “the most expensive porn in history.” And the viewer, who is looking for content through a movie meat grinder, easily finds analogies with the presidential elections.

And then the mysterious world becomes similar to ours, although it reproduces to the smallest detail the reality.

Game of Thrones is comparable to the Beatles as a socio-cultural ocurrence. Their music was a phenomenon of mass culture and then began to form serious expectations – freedom and peace without wars.

Today we live in a world that squeezes every drop out of a person and leads to emotional burnout. More likely, the search for a new philosophy of labor will run into the philosophy of profit. And since the time of Ancient Rome, it has been a way of protecting against ideals. It hides an unconscious fear of the Messiah. In the meantime, we just have to watch the TV series and not condemn a person for the instinctive resistance to evolution – the movement from magic to ethics. 

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