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Here’s a selection of some of the finest podcasts that you should listen to during your summer vacation, from Marc Maron to Abbi Jacobson.

Magic Lessons: The best podcasts for this fall

Autumn is finally upon us, and if a sudden frost hasn’t frozen you over yet, you’re probably basking out in the sun as much as you can. Autumn brings us back to hard work after a well-earned break. On your commute, you might just be blasting out tunes while driving (maybe from our GLOW inspired playlist) – or perhaps you’re looking for something to kickstart your creative process with. If so, here’s a selection of some of the finest podcasts to help you do just that.

WTF with Marc Maron

Having been on the air since 2009, standup comedian Marc Maron has been entertaining the masses for a long time now with this highly-praised show. Maron records in various places, including his number one spot – his home garage – which he calls the “Cat Ranch”. Maron also has some rather interesting guests on his show like Kevin Smith (Clerks), as well as some now controversial figures including Louis C.K. and Bill Cosby.

On Being

Hosted by Krista Tippett, this Webby Award winning podcast poses some rather thought-provoking questions, such as its main query: ‘‘What does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live?’’ With exciting guests such as Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama, this is without a doubt one of the most interesting and unique podcasts out there, perfect for all you critical thinkers out there!

Meet the Composer

Nadia Sirota is one of the most talented viola players in the world, having played for indie rock bands Arcade Fire and Grizzly Bear. Meet the Composer is hosted by Sirota, who uses the platform to explore a range of different classical music composers.

Sirota told The Guardian: “The most important thing for me is expanding the audience for contemporary classical music. There’s a strange narrative that if you want to get into classical music someone will play you a piece that’s 500 years old.’’

Magic Lessons

Magic Lessons is presented by author Elizabeth Gilbert, writer of the bestselling Eat Pray Love. Gilbert’s podcast aims to help its listeners overcome their fear of getting creative and pouring their heart into something they’re passionate about, whether it’s a book or a blog.

Perfect for those who are feeling uninspired, Gilbert is a godsend for giving you the kick you need. She’s had some famous guests on the show too, including the ever-popular Neil Gaiman (American Gods).

A Piece of Work

Fan of Broad City? This is the podcast for you. Hosted by the show’s Abbi Jacobson, listeners get to experience Jacobson’s love for modern and contemporary art, and hopefully she’ll inspire you to get into it yourself. Looking at the various meanings and ideas behind great art pieces, she is joined by many familiar voices including Hannibal Buress (Neighbors) and the Queen of Drag – RuPaul!


This one is for those who want to break into the world of internet showbiz. Host Kat Molesworth uncovers the stories behind Instagram and YouTube celebs and how they rose to fame on these online platforms. With special advice and guidance for those who blog in particular, you’ll find a lot to love with this podcast.


Presented by three of the biggest film critics on YouTube – Ralph Sepe Jr., I Hate Everything, and Your Movie Sucks – this podcast offers a critical yet comedic commentary on the latest movie & TV show topics. Featuring insightful discussions on the process of making videos and a stream of great guests from all over YouTube, this rather new but entertaining podcast is sure to put a smile on your face.

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