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Are you in the mood to cringe? Read the best, funniest Reddit stories about watching sex scenes with the family.

“I watched a sex scene with my parents”: The best Reddit stories

Watching a sex scene in a movie or TV show with your parents is always one of the most awkward experiences. It doesn’t matter whether you are eleven or thirty-one – it will always be uncomfortable. However, the one positive that comes out of this experience: you’ll have a funny story to tell. 

Some people shared their stories online about hilarious experiences that they had while watching a sex scene with parents. Here are some of their stories. 

Awkward moments in Brokeback Mountain

This person watched Brokeback Mountain with their in-laws who were immigrants from Southeast Asia. The in-laws were super-conservative Christians and traditional so Brokeback Mountain would not be a movie for them, to say the least. The car ride home from the theater was very quiet.

However, in the story, the in-laws did recommend Brokeback Mountain after another relative came out to them. 

Not-so-cool world

Cool World is an animated live-action hybrid movie from cartoonist Ralph Bakshi. This person said that at the age of 13, he made the mistake of seeing this movie with his dad, who was a fan of Bakshi’s past work. One part of the movie’s plot is that one of the cartoon women can turn into a human after orgasm. Safe to say, this wasn’t a cartoon meant for the whole family. 

Loopy Gone Girl

According to this user, they recently had their wisdom teeth removed and were loopy and stuck on the couch. His mother came in and began to watch this movie. Gone Girl features a very graphic murder/sex scene. Since the user was stuck on the couch, he could not remove himself from the situation in order to avoid the awkwardness. 

Eyes wide open, unfortunately

Eyes Wide Shut is Stanley Kubrick’s highly sexual movie that features a cult that loves to throw masked orgy parties. Somebody made the mistake of seeing this with their mom and dad in the theater. They didn’t leave; instead, they just sat there in silence, watching in quiet horror. 

Black Swan with grandma

This user said that their grandma became nostalgic for her ballet days and wanted to watch an artsy ballet movie that she had recently read about it. Apparently, she didn’t know enough about it to realize Black Swan has a graphic sex scene involving Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis. 

This person said that they watched it in its entirety with not just their grandmother, but also their grandfather & father. According to the user, grandpa tried to remain calm, but dad was laughing the whole time. 

Risky Business is a risk

According to this user, at the age of thirteen, his parents took him and his siblings to go see Tom Cruise in Risky Business. However, none were aware of how explicit this movie was going to be. Apparently, this person’s mother spent most of the movie shielding her kids from watching it while the dad was blocking her from making a scene in the theater. 

365 Days is not an action movie

365 Days is a recent Netflix movie where a man kidnaps some random girl and forces her to stay until she falls in love with him. It has an uncomfortable plot already, but the graphic sex scenes take it to another level of awkwardness.  

This person watched 365 Days during the pandemic with his parents thinking it was going to be an action-packed gangster movie. He was very wrong, and paid the price for it. 

A three-hour nap during The Wolf of Wall Street

This user watched The Wolf of Wall Street with his super-conservative mother-in-law, not realizing how risque it actually is. When the first sex scene came on (of which there are many), this person ducked out and took a three-hour nap instead of suffering through three-hours of awkwardness. 

These cautionary tales should serve as an important warning: always research a movie before watching it with your parents. 

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