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Jessica Walter passed away. Fans share their condolences but they're also eager to know how 'Archer' plans to address Mallory. Learn the latest details now!

How will ‘Archer”s new season address Mallory’s real-life death?

What happens when the actors of our favorite characters pass on? Of course, we wonder about the actors themselves because they’re real people, but the characters we’ve come to know and love heavily feel like real people too. But not anybody can play our favorite characters. Sometimes, there’s only one performer who can do the role. So, when that performer is no longer around, what happens next?

It’s no secret that some characters are simply irreplaceable. Recently, we’ve gotten wind that longtime actress Jessica Walter passed away on March 24, 2021. She lived to be eighty years old which granted is not a bad age to go, but doesn’t make folks any less sad nevertheless. 

Fortunately though, fans of Walter are getting their chance for a proper farewell and a celebration of the beloved actress when FXX’s infamous popular animated series Archer returned for its twelfth season this year. In the midst of production, they wrapped up the voice recordings of the cast which are done before the episodes are animated. 

We found out that Walter worked on the show to the very end. “She loved that show so much and was grateful for it every day,” said one of her friends. With season 12 almost completed, fans are eager to know one question: How will Archer’s new season address Mallory’s real-life death?

A farewell

Jessica Walter played one of the leading characters on Archer, Mallory Archer. We knew her as the abrasive former Chief Executive Officer of ISIS and the mother of Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin). The role won her two Annie nominations. Beloved director Ron Howard paid tribute to “Brilliant, Funny” Jessica Walter; Other Arrested Development & Archer Co-Stars Share Memories. 

“The Archer family is heartbroken to lose Jessica Walter, our beloved colleague and friend,” said Adam Reed who’s the creator and executive producer of the Archer.

 “Jessica was a consummate professional, actor’s actor, and the exact opposite of Mallory Archer 一 warm, caring, and kind, with an absolutely cracking sense of humor 一 and it was both a privilege and a true honor to work with her over these many years. She will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.”

Season 13

Archer has been renewed for season 13 at FXX. This current season is scheduled to conclude come October 6, 2021. Come to think of it, it really feels like 2021 just zoomed on by ‘22 being just around the corner. Season 13 will consist of eight episodes, debuting next year. Like its older counterpart, the new episodes will debut on FXX, and be available for streaming the following day on FX and Hulu

According to Nick Grad, the president of original programming for FX, “Archer remains one of FX’s signature series and we are happy to extend its legacy with another globetrotting season.” He expressed his excitement for the upcoming production. 

“Like Sterling Archer himself, Adam Reed, Matt Thompson, Casey Willis and the entire team at Floyd County Productions are endlessly creative and always find a way to surpass themselves.”

Mallory Archer

We could never forget the faces of the show! The voice cast will include H. Jon Benjamin playing the former world’s greatest spy, Sterling Archer; Aisha Tyler as the spy having deep relationship problems, Lana Kane; Jessica Walter as Archer’s mother and spymaster, Mallory Archer. Amber Nash will stay the constructively offensive go-getter; Pam Poovey.

At this time, we’re still not entirely sure exactly how Mallory Archer will be a part of the season 13 story. It was reported that Walter had finished recording all of her episodes of season 12. But according to some experts on the matter, the matter will be addressed in an upcoming episode.

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