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Surely nothing could heighten your enjoyment of the near-flawless 'Queer Eye', right? Except maybe for a drinking game.

Booze-slinging realness: A tearful ‘Queer Eye’ drinking game

You probably watched all of Queer Eye in one sitting over a weekend. You’ll find no judgement here! The show is an absolute gem even if it does repeatedly shred our hearts into a fine confetti and cause projectile tears to shoot from our eyes on the regular. Surely nothing could heighten your enjoyment of this already near-flawless show, right? Except maybe for a drinking game.

Be sure to stay hydrated between all the boozing – hangovers do dreadful things to the skin, after all – and do fix up and enjoy some of those gourmet snack spreads Antoni is always pushing so you remain nicely buzzed rather than blown out drunk. Here’s our ultimate Queer Eye drinking game to compliment your binge watch.

Take a sip

Every time Karamo does his three clap handshake

It’s his thing! And we love it. Just don’t try to replicate it at home, okay? It’s not for you.

Whenever Tan talks up the value of a French tuck

It hides that muffin top area that we all have, okay? Do your mid-section a favor.

Whenever Tan hasn’t been shown giving the “French tuck” speech, but the person clearly has a French tuck anyway

Pure stealth.

Every time Antoni wears one of his many The Strokes t-shirts

It’s like the 2001 indie scene never died.

Whenever Antoni recommends adding Greek yogurt to something

We get it! It has less calories and is better for you. But it has no place in Guacamole.

If Antoni’s contribution to the episode involves making a “simple” but wholesome snack

If it has less than four ingredients and takes ten minutes to prepare then hit pause, head to the kitchen, and fix yourself up a tasty treat!

Every time Jonathan says “honey”, “realness”, or “hello discovery”

Also watch out for “Yas”, “queen”, “fierce”, “fiercedom”, and any word you don’t quite recognize or understand but are happy to now accept into your world.

Every time Jonathan casually does a runway walk followed by a twirl

Especially if it’s preceded by helpful instructions like “Spray, delay, and walk away”.

Whenever Bobby makes a devastating statement about the church

Our hearts.

Every time the Fab Five share some tight wisdom straight to the camera

Take an extra sip if you’re legit compelled to take notes so you have something ready for your next “crisis”.

Whenever Karamo makes the guest do something that involves harnesses

They need to learn some confidence and overcome their fears! Clearly the only answer involves been suspended in mid-air.

Every time the Fab Five scream with disgust and / or terror over the state of the bedroom

Take another sip if you’re secretly loving the idea that they’re probably die if they saw the state of your bedroom, too.

Whenever the guest tells the Fab Five they’re now his “friends”

Take another sip if the Fab Five erupt into a chant about “Friendship!”.

Every time the Fab Five share a toast

Raise your glass to them, henny!

Every time Karamo dances victoriously when a guest does something right

Don’t just sit there. Dance along with him! This is a celebration!

Every time the Fab Five cry

Minor tears or full on sobbing – drink that pain down.

Every time you cry

Drink as much as you need, sweetie.

There’s a heartfelt hug shared by anyone

Take an extra sip if it involves someone being picked up off their feet.

Take a shot

Whenever you have a personal, mind blowing epiphany about your life courtesy of Fab Five wisdom

Queer Eye has some deep cuts, ladies and gentlemen, so don’t be surprised if you learn some harsh truths about yourself in the middle of all this fun and devastation.

Every time Jonathan makes a Bob Ross reference

Was this a big thing in S1? We can’t remember. But for whatever reason Jonathan is all about Bob Ross in S2.

Whenever Bobby shows up with arms full of wood, paint, or cleaning supplies

His enthusiasm for building things and making stuff shiny fills our heart with glee.

If you’re totally hot for the person post-makeover (but wasn’t before)

For real – what is happening right now?

Every time the Fab Five enjoy an impromptu dance session

Get up off that couch and shake some ass with them. This is a party!

Some legit true love sh** goes down and you’re basically a mess

Is there a bold show or declaration of love? Does someone finally win back the love of their life? Do two lifelong friends finally hook up and make it work together? Have a shot – your heart needs it.

If the guest’s home pre-makeover is actually nicer and tidier than yours

Drink down your shame. But definitely don’t go tidying or cleaning or anything – this is your sacred Netflix time!

Down your drink

If you actually think the person looked better before their makeover


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