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Social media star Zhong is notorious for hosting hilarious, crazy, and wild videos. Here's why Zhong should be your next YouTuber obsession.

Zhong is *the* YouTuber to watch in 2020

Here’s all the reasons why Zhong should be your next YouTube obsession. 

Zhong is a Chinese social media star who’s currently based in London.  He’s become notorious on Vine, YouTube, and Instagram for hosting hilarious, crazy and wild prank and public reaction videos.

Zhong was born in Moscow, Russia but moved to China as a child to live with his grandparents. Like many other celebrities, he came from humble beginnings. His single mother worked hard overseas so Zhong could get the best start in life. His family struggled financially but we’re guessing that’s all changed since he became a big Internet star. As of Jan 2020, he has an impressive 4.1 million Instagram followers and nearly 250k YouTube subscribers. 

Zhong got his first iPhone 4 in 2014. This little phone was the catalyst for all Zhong’s successes. Late 2014 he discovered Instagram and the rest is history. Zhong believes that comedy and humor are the most important parts of life, and because of this he quickly became obsessed with Internet memes.

Before setting up his own platform he managed and created the huge account EpicFunnyPage on Instagram. Epicfunnypage is now one of the biggest meme accounts on the planet. Zhong then used all the skills he’d learned from managing EpicFunnyPage to build and grow his own following.

Zhong worked really hard to get where he is today. When he first set up EpicFunnyPage he grew slowly reaching around 20k followers over 12 months. He often thought about giving up and ceasing work on his account but he persevered and the results speak for themselves. Zhong used his influence to foster a large Instagram network who help each other grow. Ever since he created this community, his accounts have been growing at lightning speeds.

Zhong has been a rolling stone and lived all over the world, he’s yet to settle down. After a period in the relatively sedate Sweden, he moved to London to advance his career as an Influencer. He’s currently working hard to continue growing his following and keep creating the amazing content that people are desperate to see. 

If all this made you want to check him out you should start with these viral videos: ULTIMATE Best Friend Prank Compilation, BEST OF Zhong PICKUP LINES / VINES – ( TRY NOT TO LAUGH ), Do girls prefer eboys or gentlemen ? Zhong & Nichlmao, Do girls prefer Asian or White Boys? Zhong & Nichlmao and Do Girls Prefer Tall Or Shorter Guys? Public Interview,

Zhong’s cheeky public pranks often include hilarious double entendres which make his public reactions all the more comedic to watch. He often works with his real-life BFF and fellow YouTuber NichLMAO, together they perform high-spirited public challenges. If you want to cry with laughter, be entertained for days, or you just need a pick me up you’ll want to subscribe to his feed now.

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